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99 lbs



Voice Actress

Rumiko Varnes

Seiyū (Japanese)

Emiri Kato


Mrs. Rafil (mother) Master Zamuel (adoptive grandfather) L'arc (adoptive brother)


Alf's Group Olquinaism Real's Law

Adele Rafil is the childhood friend of L'Arc and Alf and the adopted granddaughter of Master Zamuel. She lives with Master Zamuel in his Martial Arts School in Diamant Royal City, and earns a Mastery in Magic there.

Gameplay Stats Edit

Adele uses staffs as her weapon of choice like Ryfia, yet only uses the Meister Rod throughout the game. Being a student and the granddaughter of Master Zamuel, Adele is a strong mage character who isn't afraid to jump in the midst of battle.

She attacks quick but has to be close to the enemy in order to attack. In battle, Adele functions as a Dark Mage, specializing in Fire, Earth, and Dark magic spells while also being able to buff up the party.

Stat-wise, Adele's has the second nighest magic and resistance stats in the game, being able to beat Ryfia in magical damage. Her attack stat is low, but she can hold her own during normal encounters and can act as a secondary attacker. Her defense stat is low while her speed is below average, being tied with Cecille. Adele possesses the second lowest HP out of all the mages, having a higher amount than Ryfia's but being lower than Serge's. Adele's function as a mage character is top notch, as she soon obtains "Magic Mage+"; while she functions as a guest, Adele still has her uses as a competent mage.

Since Adele is a guest character throughout the game, she only learns 4 Excel Acts, with an emphasis put on buffing and elemental damage. Her 2nd Excel Act, Concentration, functions as an area-of-effect support act that buffs every stat except SPD and LUK. Freezing Ray and Decadent Song are also very strong, while having the chance to debuff enemies severely at the cost of having a high SP%.

*Adele's stats between her "Polka Dot" version and her "Priestess" version are exactly the same, with the only difference being the addition of Freezing Ray and Decadent Song.

Level HP AP Strength Magic Speed Defense Resistance
99 4627 +9/9 205 232 168 121 159

Story DevelopmentEdit

She, at first, seems like a kind, cheerful girl who cares a lot for her two friends. In side conversations, it also reveals that she shared a bed with Ryfia when they first arrived at Diamant, and talked about fashion and fun with Ryfia.

However, once Zamuel's school is attacked, she and Zamuel rush to find the culprits. L'Arc and his friends find her deep inside the pirates cave, being threatened by Paula and Luna into giving up her pendant, which belonged to her mother. Their group is soon saved by Serge, who sails away with them on a boat. Zamuel is not her true grandfather, but she treats him as such. Once they arrive at Antrax, she is abducted by soldiers and brought to the shrine, by Dynos.

She has a huge crush on L'Arc but refuses to admit it, and doesn't seem to care that Alf is in love with her. She changes her outfit once she is revealed to be the Diva, and begins to follow Real's Law. Once L'Arc comes to rescue her, she finally lashes out at him, telling him how jealous she is of Ryfia (L'Arc's true object of affection), and admits that she was always in love with him. She then summons Girtab to kill everyone, but L'Arc summons Simmah in order to protect Weiss. This angers her further, since L'Arc saved Ryfia's life previously, but (according to Adele) doesn't care if she is hurt.

After that, Alf, Adele, Serge, Leslie, Clyde and Dynos form a group opposing L'Arc and his allies. Although with Alf's group, Serge often works with L'Arc's party, in one case even allowing L'Arc to bond with Gula without attempting to stop him.

Adele often berates Ryfia and tries to convince Alf to kill L'Arc, once it is clear that he will not decide to accompany her on her journey. She also tries to kill L'Arc numerous times, although in Opalus, she saves L'Arc from being hit by a boulder and is knocked unconscious in the process. Later, when Alf is close to dying, she gives him some of her life energy and dies. Despite all of this, L'arc still cares for her and still refers to her as his friend.


After she is abducted and brought to a shrine be Dynos, it is revealed that she is another Diva as well, as her mother was Ms. Rafil, the former Diva. When her mother was young, she gave her daughter to the Lord Knights to raise during hard times, and that is how she ended up with Zamuel.


At first glance, Adele seems kind and soft spoken, and is known to be an excellent cook. She easily befriends Ryfia and is friends with L'Arc and Alf. However, she is truly lonely and she reached her boiling point, finally snapping and expressing her true nature: jealous, selfish and mean. Eventually, she reverts to her old self and wishes that she liked Alf instead of L'Arc.

Excel ActsEdit

"How about this one?"

-Adele, upon learning a new Excel Act.

Excel Act Level SP AP Element Effect
Energy Blast -- 35% 3 Untyped Single target, untyped damage.
Concentration 16 50% 5 --- Area of effect buff on self, boosts ATK, DEF, MAG, RES
Freezing Ray -- 70% 6 Ice Area of effect ice damage, adds Immobilize.
Decadent Song 62 100% 9 Dark Area of effect dark damage, lowers ATK, DEF, MAG, RES.

Boss Fight Edit

Adele is fought on two separate occasions throughout the game, and is accompanied by Alf on both instances.

-The first time Adele is fought, she is accompanied by Alf and Leslie on the beach near the Topazion Area while trying to lure Rufunga. She comes equipped with powerful magics and works as a mage in the battle, often buffing the party through Concentration, syncing fire magic with Leslie, and inflicting sleep on the party through the spell Nightmare. Adele's most threatening attack is her Decadent Song, which she uses after Alf summons Girtab in the battle, dealing moderate to large amounts of damage on the party while inflicting multiple status effects.

While arguments can be made as to who should be defeated first in the Beach Battle, many target Adele due to her large array of magics and damaging Excel Acts. If one aims to defeat Adele first, it should be noted that she has a high RES stat, so it's advised to use Trinity Acts on her to deal damage instead of magic. She comes with the least threatening amount of Arm Forces, with only "Add Stun" being the major one, although she does have "Block Physical" and "Block Magical" equipped as well. This may make it difficult to defeat her as she can bypass the damage entirely. If Adele is the last person standing in the fight, she will start to use Energy Blast more often as well as start using Banishing Ray on the party, dealing large amounts of Light damage.

Outfits Edit


  • A Nintendo Power review[citation needed] of Arc Rise Fantasia shows a couple of pictures with Adele as an official party member. This is either a mistake or a beta element; in the game's final release, Adele is only a guest party member and a boss.
  • Ryfia can be equiped with Adele's staff after L'Arc defeats Alf in the Verct Skywalk. Since it can be used at Allwise Infinite Dungeon, it is one of the few weapons (the other being, disputedly, Niko's weapon) which can be seen used by two different characters at the same time in the game.
  • There is a lot of in-game evidence to suggest that Adele was considered at one point to be a playable character or at the very least more than a guest character (*applies to her Pink Dress version that joins the party after Mandelro Coast).
    • Adele has recorded dialogue for all spell incantations as well as saying other character's names.
    • The outline of her image in battle is blue, which can be seen when she syncs a spell with another character.
    • There are recorded lines for when the camera zooms in on her when switching to her in battle such as saying "straight to victory".
    • She has an item-throwing and steal animation, along with accompanying dialogue.
    • If hacked as a playable character, she has her own DP stat and can customize her orb layout.
    • Adele has recorded dialogue of saying the names of playable characters not normally in the party with her during her time as a guest for syncing spells, such as Cecille, Leslie, Rastan, etc.
    • She has her own AP value that can be seen if her Guest label is removed; she has similar AP growth like Ryfia.
  • Adele is the only in-battle character to never join as fully playable.
  • Out of all of the guests, Adele joins for the longest period of time in the game; from when the party enters the Olquina continent to when she is kidnapped in Antrax. This means she accompanies the party through 2 dungeons, 2 towns, and 1 moon inn.
  • Adele's Decadent Song is a dark version of Ryfia's Luminoso, except she has it as a regular Excel Act while Ryfia uses her's as an Excel Trinity.
  • Adele's Decadent Song deals dark elemental damage, despite it not being labeled as such in the Excel Act menu.
  • If Adele, in her priestess model, is hacked into the party, she actually has dialogue that can't be heard under normal circumstances. When the screen zooms in on her during a battle, she says lines such as "Be gone, insolent..." or "Out of my way!" She also has recorded dialogue for all spells.
  • Adele's main color is pink, which reflects her grandfather's use of the color in his home, dojo, outfit, etc.
  • During the party's travels through Nabra Jungle, Adele comments on how the heat doesn't bother her, even jokingly saying that she may have been born in Olquina. This foreshadows the plot twist that Adele is actually from Antrax.
  • In the Allwise Infinite Dungeon, if Adele takes part in a Trinity Act with her Decadent Song, due to the attack having a long execution, the screen will actually cut to the next character before it is finished; this makes the player miss out on the damage it deals as a result.
  • Adele is the only character to hold her weapon behind her rather than in front or to her side.
  • There is a glitch that exists within the game that could happen when Adele levels up in her Priestess model. If Adele deals the finishing blow in a battle and levels up after, her model will glitch where she will have her arms bent and sticking outwards, while looking above. Under normal circumstances, Adele won't pose and she will just stand in her usual battle position while saying "Well that worked."
  • While Adele only uses her Meister Rod throughout the game, she is actually able to equip all of Ryfia's staffs including her ultimate one as well.
  • In the game's post-game dungeon, it is teased that the party may encounter Adele again, even after her death.
  • When Adele joins the party in Olquina, in one of the optional dialogues, she mentions that she knows how to use summon magic. Despite this, she is never seen summoning anything in the game, with Dynos being the only character to do so.