"I'm not abandoning the Empire, I'm saving it."

Alfonse Zena Meridia


Human (Common Race)






5'9" (176 cm)


134 lbs



Voice Actor (English)

Brian Matt-Uhl

Seiyū (Japanese)

Akira Ishida

Alfonse "Alf" Zena Meridia is the prince of the Meridian Empire and a Child of Eesa along with his friend L'arc. He is the half brother of Prince Weiss and has trained under Master Zamuel since he was young, making him a competent swordsman.

He chooses Real's Law and bonds with Girtab and Absin.


Alf is the second in line for the throne with his half-brother Weiss being first in line. Weiss and Alf have different mothers, Alf's mother, Queen Gruene, is the former queen who had supposedly poisoned Weiss' mother Elena.

Gameplay Stats Edit

Like Rastan, Alf uses swords as his way of offense. He is a melee oriented character, meaning he has to get close to his target in order to attack, but has fast attack animations.

Alf's role in the game is that of a Knight, having stats that are all above average, allowing him to be a competent fighter in all areas. He possesses a high strength stat and an above average magic stat, allowing him to function as a magical attacker. His speed is also pretty high, allowing him to execute actions quickly. Alf defenses are exceptional, with only his HP being decent and nothing special. Similarly to L'Arc, Alf can also utilize the Rogress system for a good period of the game, having Girtab and Absin equipped on him at all times; giving him a large increase to his offensive stats while a slight boost towards his defensive stats. It is only after the events at Lascarde Skywalk that Alf loses the ability to use the Rogress system.

Since he is only a temporary character, Alf only learns 4 Excel Acts, with many mirroring L'arc's own ones. His Grand Rage is more powerful than L'arc's Heavy Crush, and Multisphere buffs his stats similarly to Accelerate. Alf's Cerulean Slam is single target like L'arcs Gae Bolg, with the bonus of adding debuffs.

Alf's Holy Blade also mirrors L'arc's Brave Blade, being light-elemental and covering a wide attack radius. This is the only one that can't be selected by the player without hacks.

Level HP AP Strength Magic Speed Defense Resistance
99 5126 +9/9 227 222 181 132 155

Character DevelopmentEdit

During his time at Zamuel's martial arts school he developed feelings for Adele but was always unsure and unable to express them as he could see how she felt about L'arc.

Alf aids L'arc early in his quest often going out of his way to help him and Ryfia accomplish their goals, even breaking the seal on Dragon Prison, which is forbidden.

He continues to aid L'arc throughout the beginning of the game and is a part of the mission at Anthrax. It is when Adele is captured and the Meridian empire attacks that Alf decides to not standby any longer. He finds Adele having been revealed as the Real Diva then Weiss reaches the top of the shrine and orders Adele to be killed. This is when through his desire to protect Adele revealed his power as a child of Eesa and was able to form a pact and then summon the sealed Rogress atop the shrine, by doing this he chooses to side with Real's Law. It is at this point that Serge and Leslie leave L'arc's party as well and choose to follow Alf.

From this point on Alf and his group often clash with L'arc's group over the Rogress and about which Law is right as Alf insists that Imaginal's law means death and that Real's law is the only hope for survival. Although he is still a reasonable person at this point and has no porblems working with L'arc's group to try and rescue Maria at the Ebur ruins.

Alf's methods to acquire rogress can at times be quite severe such as when he had Adele poison a lake with Hozone to draw out Rufunga.

After the rogress hunt portion of the game he is met again at Opalus where he assists with the defense there and becomes regarded as a hero by the people for standing up to the Empire.

A peace talk is arranged between Senator Greenhill and Weiss in Batrachites which Dynos and Adele interfere with to make Alf believe that it was Weiss' doing and to hunt him down. Alf follows Weiss on his starship and when the party reaches Weiss' room on the starship the party bears witness to Alf slaying his brother. It is at this point that Adele's hand in the matter is revealed and Alf decided he will take up the throne and take in Adele's sins as his own.

As the Meridian Emperor Alf comes across as harsh imposing a seemingly ridiculous charter known as the Imperial Charter that basically removes the people's freedom. This is however revealed by Clyde to be because Alf had stricken a deal with Real realizing that both laws where not good enough for the human races survival. Alf got Real to agree to stop the hozone crystillization if people could stop polluting and destroying the land as much as they did, thus the Imperial Charter which forced such heavy restrictions: like rationed food and water, not being able to go outside and even the amount of trash you were allowed to throw out.

Eventually L'arc's party attempts to talk with Alf at Diamant castle, suggesting that by working together they could neutralize the Hozone pollution. But Alf tells them that Eesa would never accept that. After L'arc refuses to hand over the remaining Rogress a fight ensues but is interrupted by Dynos who reports Ignacy's arrival. Adele convinces Alf to follow Ignacy's request and goes to Lascarde Skywalk to meet with Hosea. It is revealed that the whole thing was a trap and upon stepping onto a circle on the floor Alf and L'arc start to have their Eesa factor taken away, this process is unsuccessful on L'arc due to him being part divine race but it is successful on Alf and starts to kill him because it removes his hozone. Adele, not wanting to lose Alf because of how loyal he is to her, transfers her hozone into him, sacrificing herself.

After Hosea and Ignacy attempt to retreat, Alf overcome with grief and anger aids the party in the fight against Ignacy and later hears of Niko's death from L'arc. He then leaves the Lascarde Skywalk, vowing to take his revenge somehow.

The party gives chase to Alf and, after going through Dynos and Clyde, confront Alf at the Verct skywalk where he is eventually defeated and brought back to his senses. After giving L'arc his rogress he chooses to stay behind with Clyde and destroy Real's stone so that it can't harm any again with it's ways.

He aids the party a final time in the last part of the fight against Eesa and later promises to make a better empire for L'arc to wake up to.


Alf is shown to be kind and to some degree a bit timid not being assertive with his feelings with Adele or his view on how the empire should be run instead opting to believe his brother will make a fine emperor and knows what he is doing. This changes after the incidents at Anthrax and he develops a twisted sense of what is right going so far as to poison a lake or blow up a volcano to try and wipe out a whole city in an attempt to fulfill his agreement with Real. He also becomes agressive in attitude showing no more signs of hesitation on what he wants to do.

Outfits Edit

Excel ActsEdit

"I feel the power"

-Alf, upon learning a new Excel Act.

Excel Act Level SP AP Element Effect
Grand Rage -- 25% 3 Untyped Single target, untyped damage.
Multisphere 14 40% 4 --- Self, adds ATK+ and DEF+.
Cerulean Slam 36 60% 5 Untyped Single target, untyped damage. Adds DEF-, RES-, stun.
Holy Blade 61 80% 6 Light Area of effect Light damage.


  • Even though Rastan and Alf use swords and can equip the same weapons, Excalibur is exclusive to Alf as it cannot be equipped by the former.
  • Like the other characters on Alf's team during the Ebur Ruins, his equipment, outfits and gems cannot be changed during the time he is controlled nor does the player have access to any supplies L'arc's team has.
  • The Rogress Alf bonds with vary depending on the players actions, however he always gets Girtab and Absin. If he defeats L'Arc's group he will bond with Rufunga as well. However, if L'Arc's group wins then he will retreat and L'Arc will bond with Rufunga. When it comes to Banchu, Papirisagu, Squill and Urgula, if the player losses the fight/doesn't fufill it's conditions Alf will bond with the Rogress instead. If the player fufills the conditions Alf will fail to arrive in time to bond with the Rogress.
  • Alf is one of two characters to have an Excel Act which range is a quarter-circle, which is Holy Blade. The other character to have this is Clyde's Sonic Blade.
  • Alf is the only character that initialy starts out as playable but later becomes a guest character.
  • Alf's Excel Acts seem to be similar to some of L'arc's, having the same functions and characteristics.
  • Even though Alf uses Holy Blade during his boss battle at Verct Skywalk, when he joins the party for the final battle, if his level is low enough, then the Excel Act won't appear in his repertoire and he will be unable to use it.
  • Alf's speech about not having any friends before battling him in the Verct Skywalk could refer to the fact that after the whole events at Antrax, he had a full party of 6 people but slowly started to lose members to either L'arc's group or by dying.
    • Serge leaves the party afer the events at the Gula Church Ruins.
    • Leslie leaves the party after the events in the Senate dungeon.
    • Adele sacrifices herself to save Alf in Lascarde.
    • Dynos and Clyde are defeated by L'arc's group.
  • Alf and Dynos are the only playable characters to be relegated from being temporarily playable to guest characters.
  • Alf is the only guest character to possess two auto-buffs, being Regen and Bless.
  • Alf bears a striking resemblance to Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia, and share similar roles of being rivals of the protagonist.
  • When Alf's Eesa Factor is stolen and given to Ignacy, it is shown that he cannot summon Rogress anymore yet is still bonded with them.