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Allul, The Foreseeing

Allul is the Rogress of the Logos of Foresight and was

originally the leader of the Noire Twelve. She is seen several times throughout the game as Luze's bodyguard under the name Saura.

Character DevelopmentEdit

Saura is initially shown to be a cold, no-nonsense person who treats Luze with a high degree of respect. She does not reveal her true form until the party reaches the top of the Holy Land of Noire where she returns the nine Rogress used to reach the top back to him. She then teleports out of the Holy Land of Noire and can be found at the Resolvent Iceberg at the end of the section that was blocked by Ice during the party's first visit there. (Note: this will change if you obtained her Logo before the conversation with her inside Holy Land of Noire).


Allul requests that the party find her other missing comrades, Mashgar the Solitary and Kudoan the Witful, then return to her. When the player does this Allul challenges the party to fight her and show how strong their belief is in their decision to not follow either law.

After defeating Allul she bonds with L'Arc granting him access to her logos.

Allul is seen again at Allwise where she explains what Allwise is and explains how the thirteenth Hero of Noire is located at the end. She is again seen at the end of the dungeon trying to communicate with Allwise.

Boss BattleEdit

Allul is at lvl 66 and uses the ice element, she has a good range of abilities from a moderate damage dealing physical technique to the typical buffing abilities seen by later bosses. Her main physical technique can inflict silence, so keep this in mind when preparing to fight her. Her rogress move or ultimate technique inflicts massive ice damage in a decent sized hit radius centered around the target and it is magical in nature. She blocks critical so Master Mage+ and Deadly Strike++ won't work on her. Typical maneuvers that aid in survival are a must in battle, such as Above and Beyond, Revival and Protective Wall. Keeping your party spread out helps in keeping the players other party members safe.


Allul is the leader of the Noire Twelve and has mastery over Ice magic. She can and will use both elements to gain an edge, commonly casting Water's Great Blue as well as Earth's various defensive spells. Your characters will warn against Ice's Frostlock.

Her attacks have the potential to cause silence and lower your defense and level. Her Single Sync: Frost Cross deals a great deal of damage regardless of defense. It is highly recommended to retrieve Rastan's Mitama before going into this battle.

Excel Acts:

  1. Foresight Wave: Allul focuses and points one of her swords upwards. She then swings both swords downwards and releases energy. This Excel Act increases her attack and magic.
  1. Icelance: Allul spins around in midair, gathering tempo for her attack. She then spreads her arms out so her body is in the position of Cross. After this, she slams both swords down into the ground, sending ice through the ground at the enemy, which is capable of hitting multiple characters. Can cause multiple status affects like silence and level down. This is Ice-aligned and deals 2 hits of damage.

Logos: Lapis of Foresight: Allul flys in to attack the enemy. Once she arrives at her destination, she stops and swings her sword up. Seven large ice crystals appear overhead and slash down at the enemy, which on impact raise high spikes of ice around the enemy party. Two other ice crystals come from the left and right, crushing the enemie's ice prison. One last crystal falls on the enemy pack, either killing normal enemies or doing major damage to bosses. Ice-aligned and 4 hits. Characters will warn you before this occurs.


  • Allul seems to be special among the rogress as she is capable of returning to her human form, in fact her rogress form is in a humanoid form which is completely unique among the rogress. This is also a good thing for players as we can use Human killer arm force to deal more damage on her with physical attack.
  • It is unknown if Saura is a completely made up name or if it was originally her birth name, as the rogress seem to have had their birth names and then their "Hero of Noire name" which is their rogress name (such as Hardel being called "Simmah the Liberator.") However it is also possible that Allul is her real name.
  • Interestingly she is described as the Logos of Foresight in the ingame biography but when summoned by L'arc is reffered to as "the Lapis of Foresight."
  • She seems to have had some sort of personal connection with the thirteenth Hero of Noire
  • Allul is the only rogress who doesn't state their Logos when summoned.