"The capital of Olquina is considered sacred by followers of Olquinaism. Though the latter has the fewest believers among the three major religions, many Olquinians are devout, their faith being their prime goals in life."


Antrax is located in the north-east area of the southern continent.

History Edit

Destruction Edit

During the invasion by the Meridian Empire, Antrax suffers significant damage.

Areas Edit

Cathedral Plaza Edit

Military Zone Edit

  • Wepalot: Examine crates to the right when entering from Cathedral Plaza

Residentials Edit

  • High Liquid: Garden area with Dying Old Man
  • Wepalot: In home on left side of center path

Tidal Road Edit

Olquina Shrine Edit

Mercantile Zone Edit

Port Edit

  • Speed Leaf: Examine crates along northern pier near Peeping Young Man
  • Wind Shard: Speak to Satisfied Man at the end of the pier
  • Revive Full: Examine barrels near where the children are playing