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The Arena, located in the Recreation Zone in Carbunculus City, allows warriors from across Fulheim to test their strength against a variety of enemies for fame, riches, and glory.

The matches that take place in the Arena are a major spectator sport in the Turemilian Republic.

Gameplay Edit

Matches in the Arena are similar to the standard battle encounters throughout the rest of Arc Rise Fantasia, but differ in a few key ways:

Each match consists of several battles with no breaks in between.
When the last enemy in a battle is defeated, a new set of enemies appears, and the next battle begins immediately.
Contestants are not allowed to bring any outside items with them, aside from their weapons.
Instead, a limited set of items is provided by the Arena staff. Contestants don't get to keep any unused items when the match ends, so use them while you can!
Additional handicaps, such as negative status changes are applied at the start of each battle.
Since the set of curative items is limited, it's important that contestants either be able to get by with the status effects, or have an alternative healing method, such as an Force Arm or magic option.
Some matches are only available to fighters who have proven themselves.
As the storyline progresses and L'Arc and his allies level up, new matches become available.
One last note - fighting isn't free!
There's a fee associated with each match, although it's pretty small. For all but the last matches, a few battles with enemies in the Carbunculus Area should net you enough Rico to cover the fees, if money is an issue.

Items Edit

Healing Items
High Liquid (15), Full Liquid (5), Revive Bottle (10), Revive Full (3), All Charge (1), Specialty M (3), Specialty L (1), Elixer (1)
Status Cure Items
Cure Confusion (5), Cure Poison (5), Cure Petrify (5), Cure Silence (5), Cure Binding (5), Cure Paralysis (5), Cure Sickness (5), Cure Sleep (5), Cure All (3), Reset All (5)
Status Change Items
Strength Potion (5), Defense Potion (5), Insight Potion (5), Resist Potion (5), Speed Potion (5), Vitality Potion (5), Heroism Potion (5), Shield of Ajax (1), Shield of Aegis (1), Sand Castle (3), Regen Wing (3), Phoenix Wing (3), Roc's Wing (4)
Monster Bait (5), Monster Bane (5), Analyzer (5)

Prizes Edit

In addition to fame and glory, contestants can win Rico and unique weapons.


Name Required Level Fee Reward (recurring) Reward (1st time) Special Effects
Stalwart Soldiers 25 1,000 Rico 2,000 Rico Shield of Aegis Sickness
Unholy Undead 30 2,000 Rico 3,500 Rico Cat Paws Paralysis
Menacing Menagerie 35 3,500 Rico 5,000 Rico The Detective Poison
Grueling Grudge 5,000 Rico 7,500 Rico Whirlwind Gem MAG-, DEF-, RES-, SPD-
Rallied Rogues 7,500 Rico 12,500 Rico Ex Machina Magic command locked
Creaking Contraptions 12,500 Rico 20,000 Rico Misericordia Attack command locked
Friends Forsaken 65 50,000 Rico 75,000 Rico Trinity Against own party members not in lineup
Radiant Rondo 75,000 Rico 125,000 Rico Shining Rod Cameo battle from Luminous Arc

Stalwart Soldiers Edit

"Enter the brave and mighty, from all corners of the world! Make sure you're fit and healthy, being sick and ill won't cut it!"


Unholy Undead Edit

These fierce warriors have returned, even in death, to test their mettle! Grant their wishes and put them to rest. Prepare for a long and interesting fight!


Note: (Wind) raystones may appear during battles.

Menacing Menagerie Edit

One of our Senators has requested a battle featuring numerous wild animals and ferocious beasts from all over, with a splash of venom to keep things fun!


Note: Raystones (water) may appear in battle

Grueling Grudge Edit


  • Round 1:
  • Round 2:
  • Round 3:
  • Round 4:
  • Round 5:

Rallied Rouges Edit


  • Round 1:
  • Round 2:
  • Round 3:
  • Round 4:
  • Round 5:

Creaking Contraptions Edit


  • Round 1:
  • Round 2:
  • Round 3:
  • Round 4:
  • Round 5:

Friend Forsaken Edit

No one likes being on the sidelines. Who knows when, if ever, you'll get your gear and spell Orbs upgraded?! Whatever happens... No hard feelings!

  • Round 1: Party members that were not selected to fight

Radiant Rondo Edit

Arc Rise Fantasia - Cameo Arena Fight

Arc Rise Fantasia - Cameo Arena Fight

Radiant Rondo

Three fearsome opponents, travelers from a distant world! Defeat these anomalies of nature and claim the ultimate victory!