Ruins of Hilbert



Banchu is the Rogress imbued with the Logos of Protection. Banchu can be found in the Hilbert Ruins

southeast of Ferris.

Obtaining Banchu is simple. There are several forgotten humans in the Hilbert Ruins whom have turned into feldragons. When your party asks you to help them, say yes and find ALL the feldragons, and Ryfia will heal them with her hymn. When you arrive at the Hall of Bon

ding, Alf will be there first, however, Banchu will blow them away. When asked why he did this, he said he felt he must talk to L'Arc's party first because he recognizes human feelings and felt gratitude towards L'Arc and the others because they saved the humans that he could not. Battle him, win, and you have his logos.

Logos: Protection

Element: None

Summon Effect: No physical barrier against all allies, therefore negating all physical attacks.

Phrase: "Witness the Logos of Protection! There and back, the way will be paved."


Elements: Wind, Water, Fire, Earth

Since Banchu is weak to every element, out of the four rogress you can hunt it would probably be best to hunt him down first or last since he is the least challenging and his logos is very useful against Urgula and Paprisagu, the harder Rogress to hunt down.



Banchu performing his Rogress Summon "Protective Force"

Basic Attack: Head butts one enemy.

Excel Acts:Ground Shot:Banchu circles into the air, then hits all enemies in a certain range with a high speed body slam.

Poisonous Vapors: Banchu breaths out gas at a certain character with a chance to make players sick.

Pride Wave: Increases Banchu's magicl resistance but lowers his defense or visa versa.

Opressed Anger: This is a single sync attack that hits enemies in a certain radius. This can induce sleep, sickness, and can level down your magic attack. Banchu sticks four spears from his body into the ground to create a wave of status effects.

Logos: Protective Force: Banchu rises up into the air, creating a shield that blocks all physical attacks from hitting him, lasting a few turns.