Cecille Garcia




Seshiru Garushia






59 inches (4'11")


86 Ibs


Gloves (splints)


Haruka Tomatsu

Voice Actor

Carolyn Miller


Human (Divine Race)

"The mighty Cecille strikes again!"
—Cecille, after a victorious battle

Cecille is a main character of Arc Rise Fantasia. As one of three Divine Race folk to join L'Arc's party (the others being Rastan Oigen and Ryfia), she fights in the name of justice and follows the Path of Valor. Her combat style is classified as the Garcia style, a form of martial arts taught to Cecille by her father. Cecille makes her debut at Diamant where she inquires L'Arc about Elena's whereabouts in order to deliver a message from Zamuel.


A petite girl still at the prime of her growth, Cecille stands at 4 feet and 11 inches, distinguishing her as the shortest member of the main party (and possibly the entire game). Her complexion is fairly pale, and her eyes are a chestnut color. Her lavender hair is set in a pair of pigtails tied in place with decorative bands that play on a flower motif, which consist of an orb and fake leaves on each. The style of her dress is largely influenced by the lolita fashion, with numerous frills and a mild Renaissance-like design. Cecille dons a pair of knee-high stockings, complete with matching purple and blue shoes with ribbons on top.

Her splints are attached to the edges of her sleeves, as a means of striking the enemy with each swing of her fist.


Era of LossEdit

Born to a "decent martial artist" of a father and an unmentioned mother of the Divine Race, Cecille is the elder of dizygotic twins. Growing up in a dojo run by their family, both she and her twin brother began training in the Garcia style as early as when they'd learned to walk. It is revealed that Cecille was taught less frequently for reasons widely unstated, though it was most likely due to the fact that her brother was instated as heir to the dojo. This combined with other variables led her to the belief that she was the expendable one of the twins -- nevertheless, she continued to live life to its fullest, eventually following the Path of Valor and touting the self-proclaimed title of Hero of Justice.

At the tender age of twelve Cecille and her family were evacuated to the Lascarde Skywalk after the Dragon Descent. The Garcia family along with the rest of the Divine Race was put to sleep via Eesa's Lullaby, but not before Cecille made a promise with her brother to stay together after their awakening. She then slept for a millennium, escaping the cycle of evolution as with the rest of her race and remaining a child through the years.


The last of her family to awake by some three years, Cecille came out of her slumber alone. She departed from the Lascarde Skywalk to the outside world in search of her family, where she narrowly missed a chance encounter with her brother (and did not realize this until much later). During her travels she came to learn of the legendary Lightning Leon, whom she vowed to meet, and by a stroke of luck happened upon his former companion Zamuel, who entrusted her with a message to deliver to Elena of Diamant.


Cecille its a very cheerful girl, often encouraging others when they're down or have some doubts in their minds. She is very brave (well she had to be since she wants to become a legendary heroine) always prone to fight against the enemies and often leading the way to the new destiny of the party. She often puts a strong face, trying to hide her sadness and concern (specially for her younger brother, Dynos) in order to avoid the concern of her friends, she is very strong, not only physically but emotionally too, not to talk about her determination to acomplish her goals. She is very mature for a 12 years old girl (much more mature mentally than Ryfia), probably because her father was very strict with her in the family Dojo and because she had to grow up quick to endure the hard journey she is involved in; but she can also be childish when she feels that she can gain some advantage from it (such when Niko or the others pick on her and she acts childish to get L'Arc's atention and try to convince him to side with her) and she also has a mischeivous side (like when she and Serge trick Ryfia to hold L'Arc's hand and stare deeply into his eyes to see L'Arc's reaction). She is a good girl all-around, loyal to her friends and family (even tough Dynos never trusted in her anymore and her father did terrible things, she never hated them), brave like no-one else, always cheerful and very confident on her skills, strength and beauty. On the side note, she hates being called "small" or words that had the same effect, such as Serge calling her "Minimal Lady."

Gameplay StatsEdit

Cecille uses her maces as her means of attack as well as her signature "Garcia Style" which she learned from her father. She attacks fast and gets up close and personal to the enemy in order to unleash a fury of attacks, so the enemy may have time to execute an action thus making her kind of a slow character.

Stat wise, Cecille is the strongest physical attacker in the game, possessing the highest attack stat as well as the third highest hit points, contrary to her stature. Her magic stat is also above average, effectively making her the games Monk, being efficient in both means of offense. Cecille's defense is actually the lowest in the game while her resistance is average, meaning that she doesn't take damage to well.

Cecille's weapons put an emphasis on both her magical and physical strengths, and also grant her the ability "Combo Mastery" (except her ultimate weapon) which is a mixed bag. This calculates an enemy's defense and resistance when she dishes out damage. If she goes against an enemy that has a high DEF but low RES, she can still do sizable damage. If reversed (Djinn, Gnome, Undine, and Salamander), then she will do less damage than the other attackers.

Her Excel Acts focus on physical attacking and buffing. Astral Wall and Cecille Boost allow Cecille to buff herself and the party, while Here I Come! is more of a mixed bag. Cecille possesses a lot of elemental Excel Acts, with her Excel Trinity being Lightning based as well as dealing the most amount of hits.

HP AP Strength Magic Speed Defense Resistance
5498 +9/9 233 227 168 115 147

Excel ActsEdit

"Eurika!" -Cecille, upon learning a new Excel Act

Excel Act Level SP AP Element Effect
Cecille Punch! -- 25% 3 Untyped Single target, untyped damage.
Cecille Boost! -- 35% 3 --- Self buff, adds ATK+ and SPD+.
Flashy Spear! 22 40% 5 Untyped Area of effect, untyped damage.
Astral Wall! 28 50% 6 --- Area of effect buff on self, boosts element resistance.
Up and Away! 35 60% 6 Lightning Single target, lightning damage. Adds Paralysis.
Here I Come! 44 70% 7 Fire Area of effect Fire damage. ATK+, MAG+, DEF-, RES-.
Light and Dark! 54 100% 8 Light/Dark Area of effect Light and Dark damage on enemies.

Outfits Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the playable characters, Cecille is the only one to have an Excel Act that utilizes two elements, in this case her final one (Light and Dark!), which uses the light and darkness elements.
  • Cecille is the oldest twin, thus making Dynos chronologically her younger brother.
  • Cecille is the shortest party member in the game, however this may be due to the fact that she is still growing.
  • One of her weapons is based off of Dynos's Magus Gloves, giving her the "Faster Casting" Arm Force.
  • When the party first meets Cecille, she refers to herself in the third person yet she later drops this.
  • Despite not having a good start, Cecille bonds with Niko the most as the game goes on, even having regret over his death due to her teaching him how to steer the Lightship.
  • Cecille is the only character to have an Excel Act that debuffs the user, as well as as one that has area of effect damage that is centered on herself.
  • Cecille is the one of two characters to wait for L'Arc until he wakes up, with the other being Ryfia.
  • Cecille visited Jada before Dynos or L'Arc's party arrived, effectively missing him.