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Divas are High Priestesses of the two main religions at Fullheim: Olquinaism and Noireism. They specialize in the use of Hymn Magic (Hymnomancy), and are important figures in Olquina and the Turemilian Republic, respectively. Since each of the religions supports a god (Real and Imaginal), the Divas are also known as Real Diva (for Olquinaism) and Imaginal Diva (for Noireism). At any time, there can be only one Real Diva and one Imaginal Diva, with the title being inherited by the Diva's daughter upon the mother's passing away

It can be considered that the Divas are polar opposites, in terms of the effects of their Hymn Magic. Real Divas hymns manipulate Hozone, summoning Dark Squalls, bringing Ruin/Crystallization, or manipulating Hozone flows (even from body to body) when used. Their main element is Dark, and the Rogress Girtab is said to serve the Real Divas for generations. Imaginal Divas are skilled at the use of Ray, summoning Ray Squalls (which can contain and prevent Felbursts, as well as cancel the effects of Dark Squalls), altering the flow of Ray, and cleansing an area of Hozone, returning nature in the area to its original state. They excel at the use of Light and Water Elements. No Rogress is known to serve the Imaginal Divas, though it is shown that the Rogress Simmah, before choosing to stay in the Dragon Prison at Jada (as a Ray source), was devoted to Imaginal's Diva Ciel.

When the story of Arc Rise starts, L'Arc is saved from a Felburst by the Imaginal Diva Ryfia, who was sent by her mother (the former Imaginal Diva Ciel) to find the Rogress Simmah. When it is found out that L'arc is a Child of Eesa (and inadvertedly chooses Imaginal's Law, also bonding with Simmah), Ryfia hangs out with him.

When the party is sent to Olquina, it becomes known that the Real Diva Rafil was murdered by the QED prior to their arrival. Adele, who is then discovered to be Rafil's daughter, becomes the new Real Diva. She accepts becoming the Diva so she can be with the Child of Eesa, that is, L'Arc. Since L'Arc already chose Imaginal's Law, the Real Diva can't approach him, and her plans are foiled. When Alf is discovered to be the second Child of Eesa, he chooses Real's Law and takes an unconscious Adele with him.

It seems that, despite their ranking, the Divas do not hold as much power within their churches as it is thought. With the destruction of Anthrax and Adele's joining Alf's party, Olquinaism belief is reduced drastically, while the true story behind the interaction between Noireism and the Republic of Turemilia is revealed. As the story progresses, more is discovered about the gods Real and Imaginal, their Laws (and the Third Law) and religions, the Divas, the Children of Eesa, and the god Eesa himself.