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The Divine Race were the first beings to inhabit Fullheim and were the predecessors of current humanity.

1000 years ago, during a time called the Era of Loss, people fought over Ray. Eesa created Imaginal and Real in his image to preserve the peace. The first Child of Eesa was chosen during this time, and chose Imaginal's Law. Eesa evacuated all the humans he could to the Skywalks before placing them in a slumber. The Verct Skywalk fell at an unknown time, splitting into two pieces. No survivors of the Verct Skywalk exist.

The Lascarde Skywalk, therefore, is considered to be the home of the Divine Race. They are devoted to Imaginal.

Appearance and BeliefsEdit

The Divine Race, despite their name, are indistinguishable from the Common Race. The only known identifying characteristics were a Dragon Gem, placed somewhere on their body. The Divine Race, should they decide to come to Fullheim, require this order to "survive". Removing it invokes a permanent transformation into Feldragon and loss of their human mind.

Most of the members of the Divine Race seem to hold some prejudice against the Common Race. They considering themselves purer than the "Hozone-tainted, barbarian" humans from the planet's surface. Most often seen trying to distance themselves, and maintain the isolation that Lascarde Skywalk offered them in the first place; some even considering themselves to be different creatures altogether, feeling that no mutual understanding is necessary. Rastan, however, explains that, as the Common Race can have different views on things, the same happens with the Divine Race, and that not everyone in Lascarde is prejudiced against the Common Race. His point is later reinforced, by the discovery that there are people who are half-Divine, half-Common Race.

Some of the Divine Race were awakened early from the Lullaby. Most of these stay in the Skywalk, however, few do not stay in Lascarde, choosing to leave. Rastan explains that Divine Race members cannot go back to sleep under the Lullaby for five years after awakening, because their bodies can't cope with the spell twice in a row. Most of the Divine Race who awaken wear Dragon Gems and go to the planet's surface in search of food for the other members who are awake at the Skywalk. As a whole, it is implied that their social structure is very organized and heavily structured.

When L'Arc's and Alf's parties visit the Skywalk, they also come to know that some of the Divine Race hope to be able to walk on the planet's surface again, when Imaginal's Law is proposed to (and accepted by) Eesa and the world is freed from Hozone pollution. The only Divine Race member known not to support Imaginal is Dynos, who was saved by the former Real Diva Rafil, and swore to protect the Real Diva that came after her (namely Adele), and thus "follows" Olquinaism, more out of devotion for the Diva herself, though at points he expresses disdain for Imaginal and his followers.


The Divine Race's potential is not explored. Rastan explains that they have removed themselves from the cycle of evolution and cannot progress further. From the instances shown ingame, however, the Divine Race are shown to possess immense power.

It can be inferred that those of the Divine Race are prone to manipulating Combo Elements, (that is, Ice, Lightning, Dark and Light), in opposition to the Common Race's domain of Base Elements (Water, Fire, Wind and Earth). They, as a result, can use all elements comprising that element. All of the Divine Race utilizes this pattern at the start: Rastan possess a Dark-aligned Orb, Cecille possess a Lightning-aligned Orb. Their Excel Acts also follow this growth, with most of the offensive Acts being Combo Element-aligned.

Notable MembersEdit

The most prominent members of the Divine Race are:

From the events that reveal L'Arc is part Divine Race, it can be inferred that either Rex Bright Lagoon, or Elena, is of the Divine Race. Although there is no clue that Weiss is part Divine Race as well, so it's most likely Rex who is part of the Divine Race.