Dynos Garcia, also known as the Deathchanter, is a major villain in Arc Rise Fantasia.

As the perpetrator of the murder of Ryfia's mother and those within the Singing Ministry at Benetnasch, he goes as far as crossing continents to continue his pursuit of the Imaginal Diva.

He finally tracks her to Jada, where he sets off a long chain of events by inadvertently pressuring L'Arc Bright Lagoon into forming a bond with the Rogress Simmah.


Standing at 5 feet and 6 inches, Dynos is ludicrously light in weight for a youth of his height. His eyes, like Cecille, are a chestnut color. He possesses purple hair that trails down his back, with bangs crowning his face and the strands on the top of his head resting wildly to the side. He wears dark gray robes which exhibit some armor parts, with fur covering the garment's shoulders. Like his sister Cecille, he fights with gloves, though he is only capable of equipping his Magus Gloves (much like Adele's only capable of using her Meister Rod). His attacks, however, are different from Cecille's. While she punches the enemies, he seems to shoot bullets from his gloves, in a move reminiscent of Ezio's revolver in Assassins' Creed II.


Dynos is first known as the Deathchanter, which the characters face twice at Jada's Dragon Prison; first in its entrance, then in its Hall of Bonding. He's driven away, and seen once more at Diamant's port, boarding a pilgrim ship to Olquina, which raises the party's suspicions that he is an Olquinaism follower. Considering Ryfia's North Noireist Diva position, and that Olquinaism and Noireism are antagonistic faiths, the reasons behind his attempts at murdering her are, at least partially, explained.

During the Olquina Sub-Shrine incident, it is discovered that he is held in high regard amongst the Olquinians, being called Lord Dynos by one of the guards. With Olquina being a theocracy, it can be inferred that Dynos occupies some sort of post as a High Priest, or such. He recognizes Adele's pendant, and summons the undead to delay the party's escape from the shrine.

When Adele is taken by Antrax's guards and the party goes after her with the help of Leslie, it is learned that Dynos was saved by the former Real Diva Rafil, and was devoted to her. He then assists Adele, the new Real Diva, and leaves with Alf's party.

After the incident at Carbunculus, when the party has to cross Gauss Tunnel in order to reach Batrachites, Dynos is found once more, summoning a boss against the Party. It is then revealed that Dynos and Cecille are twins, him being the youngest. Both are of the Divine Race (a knowledge which baffles the party, since the Divine Race is known to follow Imaginal's Law, that is, North Noireism), and they argue over which one was their father's favorite son/daughter. As the boss awakens, Dynos flees, and is not seen again until Batrachites. Dynos assists the search for Maria by Adele's orders at Ebur. He's a member of Alf's team (which is composed of Alf, Dynos, Clyde, and Adele as a guest). This is the only place where he's fully playable as a character. After Ebur, he takes on a more of a secondary role in the story, usually accompanying Adele, and once mentioned to be "taking care" of Serge.

He is fought one last time as a boss at Verct Skywalk, where the differences between him and Cecille are settled. Once he's defeated, Dynos then proceeds to do exacly as his father did and breaks his own dragon gem, in an attempt to thwart the party's progress as a Feldragon. Rastan explains that if their Dragon Gems are removed or broken, Divine Race humans die from the hozone pollution, but before doing so, they become Feldragons.

As he falls down in what appears to be immense agony; Rastan offers to Cecille to destroy him before the transformation into feldragon completes. She declines and says that she "will handle this" she then proceeds to kill her brother before he suffers any more.

Dynos' dying words were "I just. . . wanted dad. . . to love me."

Era of LossEdit


Dynos is a very compilacated person when it comes to story. He is the younger brother of Cecille, and they were put under the Lullaby at the same time. However, because they woke up at different times (he woke up three years before her), he appears to be much older than her. Not much is known about his and Cecille's childhood together, exept for the constantly stated fact that their father was a martial artist; and Dynos felt as though he loved Cecille more than him.

Contreversly; Cecille feels the exact opposite, that she was the only useless person in their whole family. It is also reaveled that as a child, Dynos was very sensitive and fragile, and would "cry if someone even touched him." Is it reaveled after he is defeated for the last time at Verct skywalk that his father wanted to kill him for this reason. It was Adele's mother, Rafil the Real Diva that saved his life, when his father and his dragon gem absorbed hozen to become a feldragon, for the express reason of killing his son.


Dynos is a bitter, somewhat sarcastic and cynical character, arguably one of the densest and saddest of Arc Rise. Since he was nearly murdered by his own father, and saved by the Diva of an opposite faith to his, he seems also confused, his values twisted and his own devotion misplaced (as he murdered the former Imaginal Diva Ciel, and attempted several times to murder the current Imaginal Diva Ryfia). He is constantly humiliating Ryfia, and has a grudge against L'Arc and his party.

Having being described by his elder sister as a fragile child, and also explicited by the fact that he prefers to use magic and summons to fighting hand-to-hand, he can be seen as somewhat of a coward. He is also seen as an impatient and proud person, being advised by Clyde to tone down sometimes.


First Battle: You may want to give L'Arc's fire gem to Ryfia as her higher magic output will make it more useful for her. Stock up on Heal Liquids and some Revive Bottles, the latter are dirt-cheap. Don't attack if your HP isn't high enough. Also, Dynos seems to have a tendency to use his Fire moves on L'Arc; having him defend and/or giving him a Fire Shield may help. Don't worry too much about his minions as Niko tends to take care of them.

Second Battle: Dynos won't summon any more creatures, simply fighting you alone. He will start off by casting Mighty Charge on himself to increase his attack and use his Excel Act Three Cries; Dynos will always arget L'arc so be sure to defend with him. You only need to reduce him to 1/2HP roughly before a cutscene ends the battle.

Third Battle: Compared to the previous bosses (Ignacy/Hosea), you will need to do some grinding to prepare for this fight. Use your Excel Trinities to shave down his health; it is advised you keep his Erebus's off the field as they buff their ATK stats highly before launching dangerously powerful attacks onto you. He will stop summoning once his health goes down enough. Since Dynos will have the frequently-triggering Add Sickness, ensure you stock up on Cure Sickness's before the fight.


Garcia styleEdit

Dhi 1280

Full Body

Though unstated within the game, one may infer that the few physical techniques Dynos uses is that of the Garcia style. This is evidenced by his relation to the Garcia family, as well as similarities between his Excel Act Three Cries and Cecille's general battle performance, during which Cecille pulls consecutive punches in succession, much like how Dynos strikes three times with his fist. His Excel Act "Doubly Dark" also shares some similarities with Cecille's "Light and Dark", given that both use the same elements and deal AoE damage. Also, in some of the voiceovers, they mention the technique belongs to the Garcia Style. It seems that such martial arts style's main techniques involved combining both elements, in a "forbidden art/forbidden combo".


Dynos is a temporary playable character in Ebur Ruins during the search for Maria and a guest character in Allwise after the game's events. He adopts the role of offensive mage unit within the party: While fairly efficient in both magic and physical attacks, Dynos leans more towards the former, as all of his spells are cast as Supreme Magic without a need for buffers (he has the Supreme Magic Arm Force on his weapon). Equipped with fire- and earth-elemental Gems, he has access to Fire, Earth and Dark spells of all available levels at the points in which he is playable.

As a boss, Dynos can summon undead to aid him fight against the party. As a playable character, however, Dynos cannot summon the undead or minions.

It can be deduced, from the way the characters behave in battle, that Dynos was not meant, at least at first, to be a Guest Character (or a regular one, for that matter) at Allwise. When the party chains magic or Excel Acts, they will say the name of the Party Leader right before the Supreme Magic is cast. Curiously enough, if the Party Leader is Dynos, they will stay mute, as the characters don't have voiceovers that cover such situations. At Ebur, for instance, the party (Alf, Clyde, and Adele) will say his name if he's the Leader of a Trinity Act or a Supreme Magic; the same thing does not happen at Allwise.

Excel ActsEdit

Excel Act Level SP AP Element Effect
Three Cries -- 25% 3 Untyped Single target, untyped damage.
Doubly Dark -- 50% 6 Light/Dark Area of effect Light/Dark damage. Confuse & Paralysis.
Death in the Dark 60 100% 9 Dark Area of effect, Dark damage.


  • Even though both Dynos and Cecille use gloves, the Magus Gloves cannot be equipped by Cecille, even if the player were to hack Dynos into the party and try to switch his weapon to her.
  • There is evidence to suggest that Dynos wasn't initially planned to be a playable and guest character as he has missing dialogue, lines, and animations such as a defend animation and a chained attack animation.
  • Dynos and Cecille are the only characters that have Excel Acts with two elements, "Light & Dark!" and "Doubly Dark".