No matter what we put on you, you always make it look like a total mess! - L'Arc

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Elena is the frail, elderly mother of both L'Arc Bright Lagoon and Prince Weiss.

While she is depicted in game as sickly, it is later revealed that her mysterious illness is the after effect of a poison administered to her by Queen Gurene while Elena lived in the palace. Prince Weiss used the Miridian Bible, a stone, that had been layered in Code, to partially heal Elena, but in doing so cursed both himself, and the Emperor.

Elena escaped the palace, and met the mercenary Rex Lagoon, soon later, bearing her second son, L'Arc.

She currently resides in a small house next to Zamuel's school, in the Royal city, Diamant.

After the party completes the Antrax story arc, Prince Weiss provides Elena with an allowance for health care and living expenses.