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Olquina Shrine

"Witness the Logos of Domination! Submit yourself to these shackles!"
Girtab is the Rogress imbued with the Logos of Domination (named "Logos of Ruling" on the Rogress Menu). Originally found in the Olquina Shrine, Girtab was summoned by Adele to attack the invading Meridian army but was stopped by Simmah. It was then that Alf discovered that he was the second Child of Eesa and obtained him.

Girtab is the first rogress collected by Alf. It seems Girtab is the polar opposite of Simmah in Logos, his phrase also implies the opposite of Simmah's phrase. Alf automatically gets Girtab just as L'Arc automatically gets Simmah.

Near the end of the story, Girtab's ownership (along with Absin and the other Rogress which Alf happens to own at that time) passes on to L'Arc, causing the Holy Land of Noire to rise out of the ocean and become accessible by the party.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Being the polar opposite of Simmah, Girtab looks similar except that he has two giant bat wings, two chain-like tails and has a menacing face. As it's the case with the other Rogress, Girtab was once human like Simmah.

Summon EffectEdit

"Silent Ruling, reign over all! Girtab!"
When summoned, Girtab unleashes a barrage of dark streams at all enemies, which cause the ground to break and rise suddenly, killing regular enemies instantly and inflicting massive damage to bosses.
P28 girtab calling 03

Girtab performing his Rogress Summon, "Silent Ruling"