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Ebur Ruins

"Witness the Logos of Integrity! You will not escape! Bow before me!"
Gula is the Rogress imbued with the Logos of Integrity. During the course of the story, Gula bonds with L'Arc.

L'Arc's team enters the Ebur Ruins with the intention of finding Maria, a young lady from Ebur who runs off to the ruins in search of Serge. Upon arriving there, his group meets with Alf's team whom reveals that Gula lies beyond. At this point, everyone is split into three search parties. In the end, L'Arc's team plus Serge find Maria in the Hall of Bonding before Gula.

After beating Gula, it is revealed that Ignacy tampered with Gula's code, preventing him from bonding with the Child of Eesa. Ryfia quickly analyzes his code and, with Serge's help, restores it to normal. Gula then tells the party that Maria was his friend, as were all the orphans of Gula Church, he then gives his Logos to L'Arc. As a sign of gratitude for helping Maria, Serge does not object despite being on the opposing side.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gula is a giant four-legged creature with a big gapping mouth, a head that resembles an Arabian building, four cannons and a large antenna on his back.

Summon EffectEdit

"Wall of Integrity, soar and protect us! Gula!"
When summoned, Gula traps all enemies in an earth wall then blasts them with his cannons, killing them instantly and inflicting massive damage to bosses.

Syncing with Gula gives L'Arc added Earth resistance and boosts his DEF stat, but lowers his resistance to Wind.

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Gula preforming his Rogress Summon, Shield of Integrity

Boss FightEdit

5076 arc-rise-fantasia-gula-rogress-artwork
Type Earth
Location Ebur Ruins
Level HP AP
31 20,274 +?/?
7,972 150 13,119
Elemental Affinities
Fire Wind Water Earth
Drops Rock Gem Insight Leaf
Steal [[]] [[]]

Basic Attack: Shoots one character with his two front guns.

Single Sync: Full Barrage: Hits all chracters with a huge chain of gun strikes.

Hits 6 times.

Excel Acts: Petrify Breath: Hits enemies within a certain range with dusty breath. Has a chance to petrify anyone hit.

Element: Earth

Note: If two of your party members die and the other is petrified, even if he or she has most of their health left, it counts as a game over. Even if the guest player still lives and is not petrified, its still game over.

Resilient Wave: Amps up Gula's defense but lowers his magic attack.

Logos: Wall of Integrity: Gula raises a big pillar of stone, trapping all enemies in it.Gula then shoots it, causing the wall to crumble. Can deal major damage.

Element: Earth

Hits: 2 times