The Holy Land of Noire is the final story dungeon of Arc Rise Fantasia. It is composed of a floating crystal-like light blue rock bound to the land by codes (energy "ropes"). Shaped roughly like a baloon split horizontally near its top, its interior seems far wider than when seen from the outside. The different floors of the dungeon are reached by using teleporters (named Teleportation Pentagrams), which must be used to reach the boss' area. Like other dungeons, some paths and teleporters lead to dead-ends, which usually contain items and enemies to fight. This particular dungeon has a teleporter in its penultimate floor which returns the party to its entrance (where the lightship is stationed), allowing the player to finish other matters before confronting the final boss.

In this dungeon, the main game's highest leveled foes are fought, including the games final boss, Eesa.

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Upon defeating Alf for the last time, he ultimately relinquishes his Rogress to L'Arc before proceeding, together with Clyde, to destroy Real. The reunion of the 9 Rogress (Simmah, Girtab, Absin, Gula, Rufunga, Banchu, Papirusagu, Squill and Urgula; possibly also Allul, Kudoan and Mashgar, for a total of 12 Rogress available in the game) causes the Holy Land of Noire to be summoned, where it emerges east-northeast of the Verct Skywalk (above the "Hozone continent" created by it).

Once the lightship docks at a lower level of the Holy Land of Noire, the group is met by Luze, who reveals herself to be Eesa and forces L'Arc to choose either Real or Imaginal's Law. When L'Arc refuses, and opts for a third path (neutralizing the Hozones toxic properties), Luze fights the party and defeats it, scattering its members through the dungeon. In this fight, she may use the Rogress which are not yet in possession of L'Arc (Kudoan, Mashgar and Allul, if their subquests were not done) against the party. The player then asumes the control of L'Arc (alone) as he searches the land for the other party members, rescuing each from fights (interestingly, Rastan joins as a guest character in the fight he's recued) against the dungeon's monsters.

Upon reaching the second-to-last level, Allul appears and explains to the party what Eesa actually is, and how it became a god. She also explains how and why the Rogress were created, and asks the party a last favor, before disappearing (or re-entering L'Arc, if he already bonded with her).

In the upper floor, Luze tries to convince L'Arc to choose either law again and, after his refusal, fights the party once more. Once defeated, Luze fuses with the Stone beihind her and becomes "true" Eesa. For this fight, Alf appears to help them, occupying the guest slot in the party.

Once Eesa is defetated, the final cinematics and the outcomes of the party's characters are revealed.

Appearance Edit

The Holy Land of Noire resembles crystals, mainly cubic ones, put together to form its walkable areas. The background shows a large space, scattered with the same crystals, and also codes (energy beams) crossing the horizon. In the distance, a single, horizontal "window" can be seen, corresponding to the transversal section that spans the Holy Land and can be seen from the outside (while using the lightship). As the party advances to the dungeon's upper floors, the window becomes more apparent (and bigger), indicating the proximity to Eesa.

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