Imaginal Sabre
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Imaginal Sabre
Type Other
Location Lascarde Skywalk
Level HP AP
51 2,932 +5/7
1,553 2 2,403
Elemental Affinities
Fire Wind Water Earth
- Weak Weak -
Drops Reset All Ricoalot
Steal Reset All Exalot

The Imaginal Sabre is an enemy in the Lascarde Skywalk.

Appearance Edit

It looks like a top with two glowing blue blades spining along with the body itself. Its body is metal blue in coloration, and it features a strange golden handle looking appendage on its top.

Combat Edit

Normal Attack: It lunges at its target, cutting them with its blades.

CODE:S : It fires three white lasers in a 90 degree arc,

It could also be noted that these enemies are quite easy to avoid, even in the restrained spaces of the Lascarde corridors. Mainly because they have a restrained field of vision