Waxing Crescent Inn

"Witness the Logos of Wit! Luminous sphere, come forth and negate all codes!"
Kudoan is the Rogress imbued with the Logos of Wit. He can be found at the Waxing Crescent Inn after speaking with Allul on the Resolvent Iceberg.

Kudoan is one of the Noire Twelve, but although he wields the Logos of Wit, he considers himself foolish, for it was he whom among the Twelve suggested to proclaim the Singing Stone to be the god, Eesa.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kudoan is a small furry animal with a horn on his forehead and is supported by gold rings containing two spheres with two purple cubes hovering on the inside. His ears are tipped white and seem to be pierced with small gold rings.

Summon EffectEdit

"Ambiguous Wit, come out and play! Kudoan!"

When summoned, Kudoan appears and shields L'Arc's party with Luminous Sphere, protecting them from magical attacks. The only downside is that party members cannot heal themselves with magic.

Syncing with Kudoan gives L'Arc 50 additional LUK points, but decreases all other stats.
Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 4.07.51 PM

Kudoan performing his Rogress Summon, "Ambiguous Wit"

Boss FightEdit

Thank you for seeking me out...
Type Neutral
Location Waxing Crescent Inn
Level HP AP
62 177,759 +?/?
24,891 ? 37,650
Elemental Affinities
Fire Wind Water Earth
- - - -
Drops Horn of Wit Shield of Aegis
Steal ? ?

Basic Attacks: Kudoan lashes his two spheres into one enemy.

Excel Acts:

Mad Rush: Kudoan wraps himself in an orb of light and slams into one enemy.

Sky Charge: Kudoan gathers energy within himself then releases it in a giant, magical cyclone, hitting enemies within in a certain radius. Has a chance to immobilize the enemy.

Eternal Ring: Kudoan drops multiple circles of rings around one player, which come together to form a magic ring, then blasting light out from the bottom. Can cause silence.

Logos: Ambiguous Wit: Kudoan creates a magic force field that negates all magic attacks for a limited amount of turns.


  • Because of Kudoan's appearance, many players have confused him of being female.
  • Kudoan resembles a Neopet or a Moogle in certain cases.
  • Kudoan is one of three optional Rogress whom cannot be obtained by Alf. 
  • Kudoan can be obtained before post-game just like Mashgar or Allul.
    • The battle in the first Eesa battle and the dialogue with Allul inside Holy Land of Noire will be different if players had all these 3 optional Rogress before entering.