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Eesa is a pivotal character in the game. She was originally called the "Singing Rock", discovered by the forefathers of civilization and given the title of a god. She poses as Luze, a wandering priestess of North Noireism with her bodyguard, Saura.

Boss FightEdit

Luze is first fought at the entrance of the Holy Land of Noire, she is unbeatable in this battle, though. She uses the optional rogresses (Kudoan, Mashgar and Allul) unless the player had acquired them before the fight. After the party is defeated, they are separated and have to regroup. Even if you do fare well in the fight (which is possible, but really only if you get the optional Rogress), the fight will cut short after a number of turns. The cutscene that comes after is still the same, so it is probably best to just intentionally lose the fight.

She is then fought at Eesa's Domain which is further inside the Holy Land of Noire, She asks L'arc which law will he choose, but L'arc is still planning to do the Hozone purification plan. After this, the fight starts.

First Form: LuzeEdit

She is lvl 64, has 14 AP, 140,783 HP and no magical Weaknesses or Resistances. She doesn't use the rogress anymore in this fight. She uses lvl 2-4 magic spells (mainly Fire) such as Fiery Vortex and Inferno. She also has a special attack called Blue Wave, which deals little damage but has a chance to Silence the target. Her Excel Attack deals greater damage to everyone, and also decreases their defense and resistance.

Second Form: EesaEdit

This battle is more annoying than hard, taking into account this is the final battle. This is due to almost each of her attacks add a status effect, and her excel act is just overpowered. You do not get healed in between the fight with Luze and this fight, so if you are hurt, your priority is to heal. She has resistance to all 4 magics, so your best way to deal damage would be multiple Excel Acts. Pull off a Trinity if needed. Alf joins you for this fight and will occasionally aid you.

Her Ruining Bond attack deals moderate Dark damage and gives Silenced, Confusion, Sickness, and Dispel Magic to the target. The most scary attack she has is her Excel attack, Eesa's Guidance, which deals huge amounts of damage to the whole party, be sure to defend and always keep your hp as high as you can while still attacking. But also, she can occasionally heal herself.

Both of her Excel Acts, as well as high level magic, will be warned against by your characters.


Something you can do is to use Ryfia and Cecile, and use Floral coat and Cecile's elemental shield, then boost everyone's HP with Above and Beyond (x2 Life Force Synched) and boost L'arcs attack with Accelerate & Power of the Flames. After this, Do L'arcs Excel Trinity and you will deal HUGE damage to Eesa.

- Never use ComboMastery because Luze's RES is very high which reduces your damage significantly.

- GunMastery isn't worth using as Luze's DEF is already very low