Magic in Arc Rise Fantasia is structured around 4 elements (Water, Earth, Fire and Wind) and 4 levels. Each Magic level has increasing AP costs, with Lv. 4 Magic being the most AP expensive. Magic Orbs are used to customize each character's magical abilities, such as max MP points (number of times a given character can cast a spell of a given level), Gem slots (which determines the amount of Magic Gems a person can equip) and Element Upgrade (which empowers the character's magic of a given element). Magic Orbs can be upgraded in Magic Shops located in towns. The combined use of Gems can result in Gem Repulsion (in which Magic Lv. is lowered) and/or Gem Resonance (in which Magic Lv. is raised, or Combo Elements appear), described below.

Magic GemsEdit

Magic Gems are elemental gems which allow the caster access to a given type and level (or levels) of magic. For example, if one equips a Flame Gem (Lv. 2 fire magic), he/she can cast fire magic up to Lv. 2. There are 4 Elemental Gems (Water, Earth, Fire and Wind) per level, for a total of 16 gems.They are described below, by elements in raising levels:

Gem Type: Lv. 1 Gem, Lv. 2 Gem, Lv. 3 Gem, Lv. 4 Gem

Water: Water Gem, Rain Gem, River Gem, Flood Gem

Earth: Earth Gem, Stone Gem, Rock Gem, Terra Gem

Fire: Fire Gem, Flame Gem, Firestorm Gem, Inferno Gem

Wind: Wind Gem, Storm Gem, Whirlwind Gem, Gale Gem

Gems & Gem ShardsEdit

Gems in themselves may be found as new characters' equips on their magic slots (such as Ryfia's Water Gem and Alf's Earth Gem, early in the story), boss drops or chests in the dungeons. The game, however, provides another means to acquire new gems: through the obtainment of Gem Shards. Gem Shards are fragments of Magic Gems, and are available in the same manner (Water Shard, Flame Shard, Rock Shard, Gale Shard, and so on) as regular gems. Whenever there are 5 of a given type of Shard in the inventory, the player can visit a Magic Shop in any town. The shop owner will be able to fuse the 5 Shards together into a Gem for 100 gold (for example, if the player takes 5 River Shards to a workshop and pays 100 gold, the workshop owner will fuse them into a River Gem).

Gem shards can be stolen from some bosses, or in regular fights, through breaking Raystones. Some are even scattered throughout the maps (mainly cities) or given away by NPCs, though there usually aren't enough gem shards given or found that way to enable Gems to be manufactured. Ever since Raystones are introduced to the characters (during a fight in Olquina Sub-shrine), they can be targeted, mugh like enemies. Raystones have no HP, so any attack (regular, excel or magical - AoE included) will break them. Breaking Raystones will yield WP for the party at the end of the fight, and there is also a possibility that they "drop" a Gem Shard as well. "Harvesting" gem shards in this way, while time-consuming (since there is no guarantee that the raystone will yield a Shard, and even so the Shard may not be the one sought after, since any raystone may yield four different kinds of Shards), becomes the quickest route to collecting gem shards, with the side effect of increasing the weapons' leveling rate.

Gem CombinationEdit

In a Magical Orb, Gems can be combined to different effects, the most notable of them being Gem Repulsion and Gem Resonance.

Gem RepulsionEdit

Gem Repulsion happens when two orbs of opposing elements (Water being opposed to Fire, and Wind being opposed to Earth) are placed in close slots in a Magic Orb. Regardless of their level, Gems of opposing elements will always react negatively with each other, lowering their level by 1, down to Lv. 1 magic, if a Gem is already Lv. 1. Strategically speaking, placing two gems of opposing elements in slots next to each other in an orb is a bad decision, given that access to higher Lv. magic will be denied by Repulsion.

Gem ResonanceEdit

Gem Resonance takes place only when two gems of the same level are placed next to each other in the Magic Orb. The combined effect will vary depending on the combined gems.

Gems of the same level and same element will combine into higher level magic, that is: two Wind Gems placed next to each other in an orb will work as a Storm Gem for the purposes of Wind Magic casting. Similarly, three Water Gems placed next to each other in an orb will work as a River Gem for the purposes of Water Magic Casting. Using two Rain Gems will yield the same result. It must be noted, however, that Lv. 4 Magic cannot be accessed by placing four Lv. 1 Gems together. Therefore, if one wished to cast Lv. 4 Magic using Gem Resonance, he/she must equip either three Lv. 2 Gems, or two Lv. 3 Gems. This enables casting more powerful spells relatively early in the game, but their AP cost acts somewhat as a limiting factor, potentially inhibiting such precocious attempts.

As an alternative, Gems of the same level but different elements, when placed next to each other in the Magic Orb, will resonate into Combo Elements, allowing the user access to up to four aditional elements of that level, as follows:

Ice: created by combining Water and Earth Elements

Lightning: created by combining Water and Wind Elements

Light: created by combining Fire and Wind Elements

Dark: created by combining Fire and Earth Elements

As a reminder, trying to combine Water and Fire, as well as Wind and Earth will cause Gem Repulsion.

The level of the Combo Elements will be the same as that of the gems used. This means that trying to use Gem Resonance for the double purpose of creating higher Lv Magic and Combo Elements will result in the increase of only the base elements having their Lv. raised. For instance, if you use two Lv. 3 Fire Gems to produce Lv. 4 Fire magic and another two Lv. 3 Wind Element to produce both Lv. 4 Wind and Light Magic, you will only be able to cast Lv. 4 Fire and Wind Magic, plus Lv. 3 Light Magic. This also means that the only way to cast Lv. 4 Magic of a Combo Element (for instance: Chaos Bind, which is Lv. 4 Dark Magic) is to place two Lv. 4 Gems next to each other (in the aforementioned example, an Inferno Gem next to a Terra Gem) in a Magic Orb. The Combo Elements allow for greater versatility, since their combined effects expand on the base elements' properties (such as enabling AoE fire magic through Light or Dark Magic, since Fire magic in the game is single-target only).

As a note on Gem Resonance and Repulsion, Resonance takes priority over Repulsion. That is, if one has a 3-slot arrangement in an orb and places a Whirlwind Gem, a Firestorm Gem and a River Gem, he/she will have access to Lv. 3 Wind, Lightning and Light Magic, but only Lv. 2 Water and Fire Magic. Similarly, using two River Gems close to an Inferno Gem, for instance, will enable the user to cast Lv. 4 Water Magic (due to Gem Resonance), but only Lv. 3 Fire Magic (due to Gem Repulsion).

Supreme MagicEdit

Supreme Magic (Magic Sync) is enabled from relatively early in the game, and can take place in either one of three ways: a character casts a magic in the presence of a raystone of the same type of the cast magic (for example, casting Blaze in the presence of a Fire Raystone), a single character casting the same magic twice (or more) on the same target, or two (or more) characters casting the same magic on the same target. Supreme magic yields a Sync rate (a percentage which appears on the lower left corner of the screen, and indicates the effectiveness of the combined magic), and will only work through a Party Sync (that is, a single magic is cast, regardless of how many party players participate in the Sync), cast by the party leader, with the support of the other(s) and/or the raystones involved. It must be noted that raystones work for both parties in a fight, meaning that enemies are also able to sync with raystones while casting magic into supreme magic.

Supreme Magic cast through Party Syncs will improve the AP gain for the next round, while Raystone Syncs will lower it. Also, Magic Sync will usually involve an additional animation to the magic, such as a dark sphere which will float slowly upwards in "Magical Disjunction" (supreme lv. 1 dark magic), but not in "Dispel Magic" (regular lv. 1 dark magic).

Magic Edit

The spells are described below in relation to their effects and AP cost. For the "Chained" lines, the number of magic used (x2) and the AP cost denote the "minimum" requirements for a Party Sync spell (since the same spell can be used more than twice, thus increasing casting number and its AP cost).

Level 1 Edit

Element Name


Description AP Cost
Fire Blaze - Fire damage to one target 2
Flame Detonator Blaze (x2) Greater Fire damage 4
Fire Shell - Bonus to one ally's Fire resistance 2
Flame Curtain Fire Shell (x2) Greater Fire resistance boost 4
Water Heal - Minor heal on one ally 2
Healing Tears Heal (x2) Additional cure Status Effects; dispels Status Change 4
Water Shell - Bonus to one ally's Water resistance 2
Bubble Curtain Water Shell (x2) Greater Water resistance boost 4
Wind Wind Slicer - AoE Wind damage 2
Aero Twister Wind Slicer (x2) Greater Wind damage 4
Wind Shell - Bonus to one ally's Wind resistance 2
Silver Curtain Wind Shell (x2) Greater Wind resistance boost 4
Earth Sunder Earth - Earth damage to one target 2
Earthen Spear Sunder Earth (x2) Greater Earth damage 4
Earth Shell - Bonus to one ally's Earth resistance 2
Sand Curtain Earth Shell (x2) Greater Earth resistance boost 4
Ice Icicle - AoE Ice damage 2
Icicle Icicle Rain (x2) Greater Ice damage 4
Lightning Thunderbolt - Lightning damage to single target 2
Electrocution Thunderbolt (x2) Additional chance of inflicting Stun 4
Light Shining Light - Light damage to one target 2
Shining Bullet Shining Light (x2) Additional chance of inflicting Stun 4
Dark Nightmare - AoE Dark damage; Sleep effect on targets 2
Hypnotic Wave Nightmare (x2) Greater Dark damage; greater Sleep effect 4

Levels of Magic+ combos (supreme magic)Edit

Fire 1- Blaze +blaze= flame detonator (increase damage), Fire Shell +fire shell= flame curtain (increase fire resistance).

Fire 2- Fireball + fireball= fiery vortex (increase damage+ confuse), Mighty Charge + mighty charge= overload (furthure increase in attack power).

Fire 3- Burning Drive + burning drive= ignition (more damage+ stun), Life Force+ life force= above and beyond (boost in hp+ hp fully restored).

Fire 4- Inferno+ inferno= volcanic beat, Reflection+ reflection= pain reflection (more physical damge passed back to enemy).

Water 1- Heal + heal= healing tears, water shell+ water shell= water curtain.

Water 2- Spread wave+ spread wave= rainy arrows, Cure status+ cure status= Cure Condition

Water 3- Liquid howl+ liquid howl= tidal wave, Heal stream+ heal stream= healing rain.

Water 4- Full cure+ full cure= Great Blue, Aqua squall+ aqua squall= Wavy Sphere

Earth 1- Sunder earth+ sunder earth= earthen spear, Earth shell+ earth shell= Earth curtain.

Earth 2- Stone wall+ stone wall = Endurance, Earthen grave+ earthen grave= Earthen Trap

Earth 3- Grand break+ Grand break=Earthen Destruction, Revive+ revive=Reincarnation

Earth 4- Gaia prison+ gaia prison= gaia grid, Protection Wall+ Protection Wall= Flawless Protection

Wind 1- Wind slicer+ wind slicer=Aero Twister, Wind shell+ wind shell= wind curtain.

Wind 2- Storm+ storm=Whirlwind, Boost+Boost=Speed Boost

Wind 3- Slash gale+ slash gale= turbulence, Raise wind+ raise wnd=Raising Spirit

Wind 4- Cyclone+ Cyclone= Tempest, Accelerate+ accelerate= ward of quickening. Light 1-Shining Light+Shining Light=Shining Bullet

Light 2-Regeneration+Regeneration=Holy Blessings

LIght 3-Banishing Ray+Banishing Ray=Shooting Ray

Light 4-Raising Call+Raising Call=Spirit Call

Dark 1-Nightmare+Nightmare=Hypnotic Wave

Dark2-Dispel Magic+Dispel Magic= Magical Disjuction

Dark 3-Magic Shell+Magic Shell=Anti-Magic Field

Dark 4-Chaos Bind+Chaos Bind=Void Infinity

Ice 1-Icicle+Icicle=Icicle Rain

Ice 2-Icy Edge+Icy Edge= Icy Coffin

Ice 3-Force Shield+Force Shield=Fortress

Ice 4-Frostlock+Frostlock=Freezing Cage

Lightning 1-Thunderbolt+Thunderbolt=Electrocution

Lightning 2-Lightning+Lightning=Blast Impact

Lightning 3-Flash Ride+Flash Ride=Overdrive

Lightning 4-Judgement+Judgement=Thor's Hammer

How to get level 4 magic:

  • Flood gem (Level 4 water)- Beat patriarch Hosea in the Lascarde skywalk + post-game dungeon.
  • Terra gem (Level 4 earth)- Beat Ignacy in the Lascarde skywalk + post-game dungeon.
  • Inferno gem (Level 4 fire)- Beat Dynos in the Verct skywalk + post-game dungeon.
  • Gale gem (Level 4 wind)- Beat Clyde in the Verct skywalk + post-game dungeon.

As a result of the above, you should be able to obtain two sets of level 4 gems. Please note however, that in order to get the third set; level 4 shards (e.g. river shard) are needed (amount needed=5 per gem). Please read below on how to go about this.

Where to farm for level 4 shards and how to increase success rate:

In later dungeons (final dungeons e.g. verct and lescarde skywalk) you will encounter crystals which can be smashed for level 4 shards. To increase the success rate equip the treasure hunt arm force (Cecille's Mercury gloves and secret for peacemaker gun) and equip the accessory, dried sunflower (can be obtained by defeating the mini boss- flower in Galois ravine). In addition to this equip as many luck-enhancing items as possible (high luck= increased drop rate. It is also worth mentioning that during postgame, Leslie's ultimate weapon can be obtained by defeating mini boss Jack lanturn (Retea forest). This, when maxed out (3 stars) will give you the arm force luck + 100. When combined, all of these contributing factors should increase the success rate of obtaining the shards.