While the world map is always available, area maps are only available once the party has obtained a map, usually from one of the Nomad Sons, or found in a dungeon.

Nomad Sons Edit

The Nomad Sons are a group of brothers (some of whom are "honorary," rather than actual family members) who make maps. According to the 8th son, "Once you share a meal, [my father] says we're all brothers." According to the 7th son, the Nomad family has the most children of any family in Fulheim.

While they currently focus on making maps of specific areas, their eventual goal is to create a full guidebook to Fulheim, according to the 9th son.

In most towns, one of the brothers can be found near the entrance, and he's usually willing to give the party a map of the area.

Son Location Notes
1st son Topazion
2nd son Jada
3rd son Diamant Royal City, by exit to World Map
4th son Diamant Royal City, just outside Castle Diamant
5th son Kopin Village Taught the 100th "son" how to draw a map
6th son Full Moon Inn One year older than the 7th Nomad son
7th son Antrax
8th son Carbunculus
9th son Benetnasch City
10th son Half Moon Inn
11th son Crescent Moon Inn
12th son Batrachites
13th son Ebur
14th son Waning Crescent Inn
15th son Opalus
16th son Waxing Crescent Inn
17th son Ferris
18th son Old Moon Inn
... ... ...
100th Son New Moon Inn An "honorary" Nomad Son: a Kopin who was taught map-making by the 5th son.