Flying around the world



Mashgar is imbued with the Logos of Solitude.

Mashgar can be found flying around the world, however, the only way to lure him out is by flying over the highest mesa of Olquina after speaking with Allul on the Resolvent Iceberg.

In order to trigger the battle with Mashgar, you must have completed both "Archaic Relics 1" and "Archaic Relics 2" to upgrade your lightship to a faster speed. Then, simply fly close enough to Mashgar, then fly under him. Finally, Serge will note thats close enough to trigger a battle.

Logos: Solitude

Element: Lightning

Summon Effect: Lightning damage to all enemies.

Phrase: "Witness the Logos of Solitude! Come forth lightning, pierce them all!"

Hp: 187,115


Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 4.18.17 PM

Mashgar performing his Rogress Summon, "Flash of Solitude"

Basic Attack: Mashgar thrust his horns up at one person.

Single Sync: Thunder: Shoots an electric beam, striking one player.

Element: Lightning

Hits: 4 times

Excel Acts: Lightning: Mashgar sends an orb of electricity at one opponent.

Element: Lightning

Lightning(second version(2)): Strikes an enemy with lightning.

Element: Lightning

Hits: 3 times

Call Lightning: Mashgar calls lightning to strike all opponents on the battle ground. Has a chance to paralyze and or lower the defense of the targets.

Element: Lightning

Hits: 4 times

Solitude Wave: Increases Mashgar's attack and speed.

Logos: Flash of Solitude: Mashgar traps all enemies on the field between two electric rings, shocking everyone.Has a chance to induce the staus lower level.

Element: Lightning

Hits: 7 times