Olquina Shrine is a massive tower built on the sea just off the coast of Olquina's capital, Anthrax. It can be accessed during the low tide by a sandy path on the beach, and during the high tide by crossing an underground tunnel (its entrance stays to the right of the sea path). The Shrine itself is also access to the Olquina Sub-Shrine (a dungeon, later discovered to be a part of the Verct Skywalk). While the only population about consists of pilgrims, occasionaly it gets crowded with Zealots, soldiers who Olquinaism.

From its floor, a set of stairs spirals around the tower from the outside, leading to an intermediate floor where a library is located. The stairs continue to the Shrine's top, where the Real Diva would perform rites by singing. While it is never fully explained in the story, this place is probably where Girtab was kept, much like Simmah was maintained in Dragon Prison.

"A huge shrine that stands in the ocean, just across from Antrax. A divine presence within the sacred city, the shrine is the spiritual home of all those that follow the teachings of Olquinaism."

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