The Olquina Sub-Shrine is a rather important location in the game.


It was originally a piece of the Verct Skywalk before it broke when it fell from the sky. Resting beneath it is a Ray disruptor, which disrupts and controls the flow of Ray. It is the site of L'Arc's semi-final mission for [[Weiss], and its completion serves as a catalyst for a majority of events throughout the game.

Much like the Dragon Prison holds Simmah, it is implied that Girtab "resides" at Olquina Sub-Shrine, where it is first seen when Adele summons it.


  1. Alf is chosen as the Child of Eesa who has chosen Real's Law.
  2. Adele is revealed to be the Real Diva.
  3. Prince Weiss declares war on Olquina and defeats it in a surprise attack.
  4. Girtab awakens and chooses Alf.
  5. Once the player learns how to get through Ray spheres, the Sub-Shrine can be visited again, where new items and enemies can be found.