Zeifellt Holy Tower



Papirusagu is the Rogress imbued with the Logos of Omniscience (However, he refers to his logos as

"Imperial Majesty" outside of battle, and L'Arc uses the same term when summoning him). He can be found at Zeifellt Holy Tower.

In order to bond with Papirusagu, the party must fix the Elevator in Zeifellt Holy Tower. Upon fixing it, they will encounter Alf's group. Leslie then holds them in place by threatening them with a gun, enabling Alf and company to take the elevator before them. Rastan observes that the elevator is slow, and L'Arc's team is then forced to climb the tower on foot, in a race against the elevator, to get to the top first. Upon arriving at the top, a quick chat between L'Arc's group and the Rogress takes place, and the fight against him begins. If L'Arc is beaten to the top floor, or defeated by Papirusagu, Alf bonds with the Rogress instead.

No matter what we put on you, you always make it look like a total mess! - L'Arc

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Papirusagu is a gigantic yellow and green many-eyed bird, and has three floating metallic "discs" behind its head. These discs seem to have a ruby incrustation in their center (the same color of the Rogress' eyes), and spin freely behind him. His appearance indicate that his design might have been based on other legendary birds, like the Roc, or the god Garuda.


Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 3.41.33 PM

Papirusagu performing his Rogress Summon,"Majestic Wind"

Papirusagu's a Rogress which has fled the world, taking refuge on the top of Zeifellt Holy Tower. From the dialogue the party has with him before the battle for his Logos, it is somewhat evident that he is tired of living, and wishes to die. From his Summon (Imperial Majesty/Majestic Wind), it can also be inferred that he was some sort of king before becoming a Rogress.


Logos: Omniscience

Element: Wind

Summon Effect: Wind damage to all enemies.

Summoning: "Wind of Imperial Majesty, unto me! Papirusagu!"

Phrase: "Witness the Logos of Omniscience! May the spiral take you!"


Element: Earth

Using the trinity attack Geo Impact can be super effective agaist Paprisagu. Earth magic like Gaea Prison or Grand Break can also be very useful. Gula, obviously, can be used to attack him for major damage. However, since Gula's Sync effect also lowers wind resistance, proper precautions must be taken, given that all of Papirusagu's moves are wind-based.


Basis attack: Breeze Wings: Papirusagu beats his wings multiple times, capable of hitting any enemies in the surrrounding area.

Element: Wind

Hits: 4 times

Excel Acts: Omniscient Wave: Gives the blitz effect and Speed up to Papirusagu.

Chain of Jade: Papirusagu sends his three spirals to attack one person, each one sending chains through the enemy. They all merge into one big chain which pops out under any player/monster. May cause Defense down.

Hits: 1

Logos: Majestic Wind: Sends all three spirals to have chains peirce the enemy, summoning a giant tornado to hit all the enemys.

Element: Wind

Hits: 8 times