Rastan Oigen




39 physically, biological age 1000+


6'2" (188cm)


178 lbs.


Long Sword

Voice Actor (English)

Jonathan Sherr

Seiyū (Japanese)

Keiji Fujiwara

A mysterious traveling mercenary that first appears before L'Arc and the party at the Command Center in Jada. For half of the game he is considered to be Leon by the party due them thinking Zamuel calls him that. He is of the Divine Race like Cecille but seems to have lived most of his life among the Common Race after waking up.


Rastan its a very tall character, the tallest of all the characters you get. His way of clothing doesn't reveal it but he has a muscular-body type. His gray hair reaches up to the base of his neck, he maintains his forehead free from his hair and has two fringes of it that fall beyond his cheeks. He has blue eyes and fair skin. He wears a long blue coat over a white shirt and wear black pants. His arms and legs are protected by pieces of silver armor as well as his neck. In the center of his neck he wears a blue jewel, probably his Dragon Gem.

Gameplay Stats Edit

Rastan fits the role of a Tank, having the second highest amount of hit points and defense out of all the permanent party members. His strength is also the third highest, being beaten out by Cecille and Clyde, but his magic, resistance, and speed are low as a result. While he can take physical damage very well, he is somewhat vulnerable to magical attacks.

When Alf leaves the party, Rastan becomes the second swordsman who joins the group, utilizing long-swords as his main means of attack. Many of his weapons having defensive properties, emphasizing Rastan's role as a defender. As a melee character, Rastan needs to go up to the enemy in order to attack.

As opposed to Serge, Rastan's Excel Acts deal combo-elemental damage and are mostly single-target attacks. He also has a lot of defensive Excel Acts such as Jasper Wall and Invincibility, adding more to his durability. While he does have the worst Excel Act pool overall, moves like Thunder Roll & Frost Fang are really good, with the former having stun properties.

Level HP AP Strength Magic Speed Defense Resistance
99 5862 +9/9 227 205 151 140 138


Rastan Oigen is a member of the Divine Race. His awakening from the Lullaby took place many years before the main story of the game started as well. He was married with a woman of the Common Race whose name is unknown and had a daughter with her (whose name its unknown as well). He was a member of the Aion Unit, an organization whose purpose is to protect the North Noireism, mainly the important members of the church like the Patriarch and the Diva; but this, however, was a facade to conceal the organization's real purpose: the Aion Unit was in fact created to commit assassinations and was used to eliminate the North Noireism's and the Senate's internal and external enemies. This was unknown to Rastan, though.

During his missions as an Aion Unit member, he meet the Lord Knights, a mercenary group composed of skilled warriors from all Fulheim, and apparently he formed a friendship with them.

One day, the Lord Knights accepted a job to protect the Olquinian Diva from mysterious assassins. The assassins were originally believed to be from the Meridian Empire, however it turned out that the assassins where in fact the Aion Unit. The Lord Knights were unable to protect the Olquinian Diva from the Aion Unit's attack, but they managed to protect the Diva's daughter, who was then only a little child, and the pendant of the Diva, the proof of the child's identity. Zamuel withdrew from the Lord Knights in order to care for her.

In retaliation for getting in their way, the Aion Unit attacked the Gula Church; since Rastan was already a friend of the Lord Knights, the Aion Unit's leader Walter Ignacy, took Rastan's family hostage and forced him to infiltrate the Lord Knight's group.

The Lord Knights sought revenge for the Gula Church attack and finally found Ignacy. They managed to beat him, however during the process Leon's sword arm was crippled. When they were about to land the final strike on him, Rastan betrayed them because his wife and daughter were hostages of Ignacy; with the upper hand again, Ignacy then ordered Rastan to kill Rex. Rastan was unable to kill him because he still considered Rex a friend. Ultimately, Ignacy was the one who killed Rex.

Rex's last words where for Leon: "Rastan's heart is still loyal to us... I forbid you to seek revenge on him". Zamuel and Leon where able to escape that chaos and even after Rastan followed Ignacy's orders, Ignacy still killed Rastan's wife and daughter. This caused Rastan to sever ties with the Aion Unit and become a mercenary. Rastan considers his betrayal of Rex and the Lord Knights his "greatest regret" in a conversation with the party.

Many years later, when the main plot of the game finally starts, we see Rastan at Jada, apparently doing mercenary job, but he was in fact investigating Ignacy's activities. When he first crossed paths with L'Arc and his group he is caught off guard by Ryfia's Dragon Gem. Momentarily stunned, he pardons the party and attempts to leave.

Later, he helps to defeat the zombies summoned by Dynos on his attack on Jada and he is the one who first teach L'Arc and Alf on how to use the Excel Acts. L'Arc admires Rastan from this point and depends on him for guidance and assistance.

Rastan disappears after Jada, presumably to look up leads to Ignacy. After bandits attacked Zamuel's school, Zamuel himself went in pursuit due to Adele being kidnapped. After being critically injured by Ignacy, Rastan appears and Zamuel utters "Leon..." before losing consciousness. This is what triggers the party to believe him to be Leon, despite his repeated denials.

Rastan makes his appearance again when L'Arc and Niko got imprisoned at the Senate's Dungeon in Carbunculus. He was investigating the Republican Senate for ties to Ignacy when he heard L'Arc and his group were captured. Arriving to bust hi out but arriving too late, he decides to join L'Arc.

On the trip to Benetnach, he is arrested by the Aion Unit. Calling him "Rastan the Traitor", Rastan was later freed by Ryfia's intervention. He decides to join L'Arc permanently in order to find Ignacy.

Much later in the game, when the party had to infiltrate the Gula Church Ruins, Serge, formerly known as Leon, reveals that the traitor who was responsible for the Lord Knights disbandment and the murder of Rex Lagoon was in fact Rastan. Rastan asks L'Arc to kill him to finally atone for his sins but Ryfia stops both of them pointing to the fact that Rastan was L'Arc's friend and that he had risked his life to help L'Arc many times. L'Arc, in shock and in anger, reveals he can't forgive Rastan for his betrayal and orders him to stay alive to compensate for his sins.

Later on when Rastan and L'Arc fight the Imperial soldiers, L'Arc truly forgives Rastan and forms a close bond with him.

After assisting with Eesa's defeat, Rastan ultimately stays on Fullheim instead of returning to sleep with the rest of the Divine Race.


Rastan is a very serious person, often displaying a sort of stoic personality while rarely show any emotions. Being the oldest character in the party, Rastan is the most level-headed person of the group, often giving great advice and acting as a voice of reason. He is looked up to by L'Arc and Cecille (even after she learns he isn't Leon), while being also respected by Serge and Leslie. Rastan does display emotion throughout the story, yet he never lets them get the better of him, often looking to approach a situation with a calm and leveled head.

In the party, Rastan often interacts with L'Arc, Cecille, and Serge. L'Arc sees him as a role model and aspires to be a great mercenary like him, going to the extent of calling him a friend and trusting him. Even after L'Arc discovers that Rastan killed his father, he is still willing to forgive him and the two become even closer. Serge is also hostile towards Rastan due to Rex's death as well at first, yet both come to a mutual understanding that Rastan was being blackmailed, with Serge forgiving the former Aion Unit member. Cecille comes to instantly adore Rastan due to mistakenly believing that he is Leon, but still admires him even after she realizes the truth. She usually asks Rastan advice on how to be a hero, and wishes out loud that he would have been Leon instead of Serge. Rastan also interacts with Cecille a lot throughout the game, reminding him of his own daughter that died.

His past about Rex's death is revealed to the party by Serge, and it is seen that Rastan holds a great amount of guilt for causing the death of his friend Rex, willing to kill himself if that's what L'Arc wanted. Even though he wasn't part of the Lord Knights, Rastan was extremely close to them, almost like being an unofficial fourth member. Throughout the game, he recounts stories and adventures the four of them all had to L'Arc so that he can learn more about his father. Serge is at first angry and hostile towards him, yet after the events at the Gula Church and upon learning that Rastan had no idea about the experiments, he decides to forgive him.

It isn't until the party encounters Ignacy where Rastan's anger starts to show, wanting revenge over the guy who murdered his family. In the end, he, Serge, and L'arc grow to trust and forgive one another.


Rastan is incredibly powerful, with L'Arc greatly respecting him and his swordsmanship. He was even able to be confused with Leon, arguably one of the best swordsmen to ever live.

Excel Act Level SP AP Element Effect
Dark Blade -- 25% 3 Dark Single target damage, Blow Sp. Defense.
Jasper Wall 19 35% 4 --- DEF STOCK effect on self.
Thunder Roll 22 50% 5 Thunder Single target damage, chance to stun enemy.
Ray of Light 32 65% 5 --- Single ally only, revives with half HP.
Frost Fang 41 75% 7 Ice Area of effect damage, adds MAG-
Invulnerability 47 80% 5 --- Self, adds Stop All.
Flower of Light 55 100% 8 Light Single target damage.

Trivia Edit

  • In his regular "Merc Traveler" portrait, while Rastan's dragon gem is correctly displayed on his lower neck area, it is absent in all of his other costume portraits. This may be an oversight on the developer's part.
  • It's unknown why Rastan was in Jada before the assault on the town occurred. One possible reason is because he was after Dynos or was trying to get intel on Ignacy.
  • Rastan shares his Excel Act, Dark Blade, with Ignacy. This implies that Rastan may have learned a lot under him during his time in the Aion Unit.
  • Throughout half of the game, Rastan keeps denying that he is Leon until it is learned that Serge is actually the legendary swordsman in Ebur.
  • Rastan's Excel Act, Ray of Light, is the only Excel Act that can revive a character.
  • While Serge's Excel Acts cover all the basic elements (Fire, Wind, Water, & Earth), Rastan's Excel Acts cover all of the combo elements (Dark, Thunder, Ice, & Light).
  • Rastan was never part of the Lord Knights, but was extremely close to them and often accompanied them on their adventures and battles, with Rex considering him as a loyal and good friend.

Outfits Edit