Retea Forest Intro

"Rarely visited by humans, the Retea Forest holds its share of secrets. Rumors speak of a lost child being attacked by Monsters and saved by a curious being. Perhaps for this reason, the villagers of Topazion hold the forest in respect."

An evergreen forest located near the northern tip of Imperial lands. Rich in soil and water, the forest is teeming with colorful fauna and flora. Legends abound, many mentioning voices from sources unseen.

Retea Forest is located north of Topazion and is a part of Meridian Empire. 

In the Story Edit

Retea Forest is where L'Arc and the Feldragon he was fighting land after being thrown off the Lightship. L'Arc is about to be caught in the dying Feldragon's Felburst when he's saved by Ryfia, who summons a Ray Squall with her Hymnomancy. Confused by Ryfia's eccentric behaviour, but grateful for her help, he decides to take her to the nearby village of Topazion.


Retea Forest is composed of three areas.

Deep Forest Edit

The place where Ryfia produces a Ray Squall to calm the Feldragon and contain its Felburst. The Feldragon Scale can be found in this area as an item drop from the half-buried Mandragora.

Winding Path Edit

This path contains the game's first accessible Save point and, later on (upon completion of the Mystery Request Guild Quest), the access to the Kopin Secret Village. This area is also where the dungeon map is found.

Stepping Stones Edit

This part is little more than a path through a creek, where the player learns L'Arc can jump small gaps on the way out of the forest.

Enemies Edit

Optional Bosses Edit