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97 lbs


Magic Staff

Voice Actor (English)

Kunimi Andrea

Seiyū (Japanese)

Yui Makino

Excel Trinity


Ryfia is the Imaginal Diva, and one of L'Arc's main companions. Ryfia is first introduced in the Retea Forest after L'Arc falls from a lightship while battling a Feldragon. Ryfia saves L'Arc by stopping the felburst with a hymn, resulting in the death of the feldragon. Upon meeting L'arc, she automatically joins his side, and asks for his aid in finding the Rogress, Simmah. While in Dragon Prison, Ryfia learns that L'Arc is the Child of Eesa, whom she was born to meet and guide along the path of Imaginal. Not knowing the situation, L'Arc is thrust into Imaginal's Law and automatically receives the logos of deliverance from Simmah. Ryfia wields a staff and excels in magic based attacks.


Ryfia was raised in the Singing Ministry in Benetnasch by her mother, Ciel. Ryfia grew up learning only the teachings of Imaginal and Eesa. Ryfia's father, Hardel, became a Rogress (Simmah, with the logos of "Deliverance") when Ryfia was a newborn. Ryfia is of the Divine Race and was born on Lascarde Skywalk.

Gameplay Stats Edit

Ryfia uses staffs as her main offense, similarly to Adele, and is a melee fighter. Though she looks frail and delicate, she is actually a competent combatant and grows to be a powerful force in the game.

Ryfia's role is that of a White Mage, possessing a good number of support and healing Excel Acts while also specializing in Water and Light magic. Ryfia has the lowest HP and strength out of all of the playable characters in the game, but possesses a high magic stat, allowing her to deal a considerate amount of magical damage (although Serge outclasses her later on). She has an average speed stat while also having the highest resistance out of all the characters, meaning that Ryfia can tank a lot of magical damage despite her HP.

Ryfia's Excel Acts highlight her role as a healer and buffer, with Revive Ray and Healing Song being excellent healing spells on the battle field, while Floral Coat provides substantial aid in defenses. Ryfia can also function as a secondary Black Mage as well, with Radiant Song and Aqua Spiral dealing a significant amount of damage, as well as the fact that she can deal a lot of pain with offensive spells. Though Serge later outclasses her due to the "Master Mage+" Arm Force and a higher speed stat, Ryfia can still compete with him and can be a decent replacement if need be.

Level HP AP Strength Magic Speed Defence Resistance
99 4579 +9/9 199 229 174 118 163


Ryfia is gentle and caring of the people around her. She is forgiving, and somewhat ignorant. Ryfia is oblivious to teachings and everyday life outside of the Singing Ministry in Benetnasch. Ryfia tries to see the beauty and goodness in everything. For example, Adele has sworn to be Ryfia's mortal enemy and practically wishes death upon her. Despite the harsh statements and slurs Adele makes towards her, Ryfia considers Adele a friend of hers and still hopes Adele would want to be a friend to her as well.

She is strong willed, charitable and generous, whenever presented with a situation where a living thing is in danger, she is always persuading L'arc and the rest of the party to help them.


Ryfia follows a pattern while choosing friends, any friend of L'Arc's was automatically a friend of hers, her true affection though, came from getting to know them more deeply.

Dynos: Dynos is the one who led the attack in Benetnasch and killed Ciel, Ryfia`s mother. Later on in the game, Clyde hints to the team that Dynos was "always looking for a place to die" and that perhaps he was confused and didn`t mean anything, but he was simply doing as he is told. Ryfia sounds less devastated and seems to forgive Dynos for his actions, albeit an allusion to something more.

L'Arc: Ryfia cares deeply for L'Arc. Upon first meeting him in Retea Forest, she automatically befriends him, even though at the time he did not reciprocate her friendship. Later in Dragon Prison, Ryfia discovers that L'Arc is the Child of Eesa she has been searching for. This excites her more and increases her attachment to him, Ryfia is one of the only people that never betrayed L'Arc or left his side.

As L'Arc and Ryfia continue on their journey together, her feelings for him grow very strong, and she soon realizes that even if he was not the Child of Eesa, she would still love him and stay by his side. Ryfia does not hide her feelings for L'Arc, in fact, she often vocally expresses her affection for him, which he finds embarrassing.

Adele: Ryfia considers Adele to be a close friend of hers, even when they first met Ryfia automatically befriended her despite Adele's somewhat bitter attitude towards her (resulting from the jealousy she feels towards Ryfia for taking up so much of L'Arc's attention.) Although Adele vocally expressed her disdain for Ryfia after assuming her role as the Real Diva, Ryfia still reached out to her in a casual, friendly manner.

Alf: Although Ryfia and Alf have not been known to bond very often and become true friends, they still acted polite and courteous to one another in the beginning of the game when they first met, however, Alf thought more of Ryfia as an acquaintance, while Ryfia thought of Alf as a friend.

However, Alf's image of Ryfia turned sour when he found out that Ryfia, the Imaginal Diva, was the sworn enemy of his love interest, Adele, the Real Diva. While Ryfia still considered him a friend after the ordeal, his disdain for her came purely from the disdain Adele possessed toward Ryfia.

Niko: Niko has put Ryfia into many difficult situations where he has put her in danger, and abandoned her to save himself. Ryfia, however, still cares for Niko deeply and always forgives him for fleeing, despite L'Arc's objections. Many consider the relationship between Niko and Ryfia to be a "Mother-Son" or "Older Sister-Brother" relationship.


Ryfia has demonstrated her abilities to use hymn magic several times during the game, as well as the manipulation and fixation of codes.

In the Ruins of hilbert when Shelly couldn't remember anything, Ryfia looked over her code and fixed it which resulted in Shelly remembering again.

In Ellgode Volcano, Adele sang a hymn to erupt the Volcano and burn down Carbunculus. Ryfia was able to save Carbunculus by singing her hymn "Imaginal's Song" and calming down the volcano.

During the invasion of Opalus, Ryfia was able to take over for Adele by using "Imaginal's Song" to keep the barrier around Opalus long enough to drive away Meridian Soldiers. Also, at the ruins of Hilbert, Ryfia healed all the forgotten humans from their feldragon state using her hymn.

At the Ebur Ruins, after beating Gula, you find out that his code has been manipulated so that he is unable to leave the ruins and bond with the Child of Eesa. Ryfia checks his code and gives exact co-ordinates on where to strike him in order for his code to be restored to normal.

Excel ActsEdit

Oracle's Healing Level 1 25% 3 AP Minor Healing on ally (cannot target self)
Radiant Song Level 14 35% 4 AP Light damage + Stun effect (Single)
Floral Coat Level 20 45% 5 AP Boosts DEF and RES (Area Effect + Self)
Aqua Spiral Level 29 50% 5 AP Water Damage (Area Effect)
Revive Ray Level 40 60% 6 AP Moderate Healing (Area Effect + Self)
Ryfia's Magic Level 49 75% 7 AP Untyped Damage and DEF - (Single)
Healing Song Level 59 100% 8 AP Full Healing w/ DEF and RES boost (All)