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Serge Leonhart




Early 30s


5'11 (180cm)



Throwing Daggers

Voice Actor (English)

Josh Keller

Seiyū (Japanese)

Katsuyuki Konishi

Serge Leonhart is first encountered at the end of the Mandelro Coast where he helps the party escape from Luna and Paula. He reveals himself to be the navigator of the pirate group that had attempted to capture Adele.


Serge has a lighthearted personality and is often seen trying to lighten the mood in situations. He also nicknames a few characters after he joins the party officially and has no qualms about calling a character by there nickname even if they don't like it. He does have a serious side when he needs to such as when he was trying to get Rastan to open the sealed door or when he cheers up Cecille after she kills her brother. In several dialogues he is shown to have more serious conversations with Rastan and Leslie as they are more mature than the other party members. Notably Serge is an appreciator of women which is seen through many of the skits involving him throughout the game.

He holds an immense grudge towards Rastan for partly being at fault for causing his most trusted friend's death.

Gameplay Stas Edit

Serge fights with throwing daggers, and is the second ranged character that the player gets. His range isn't as large at Niko's and his attack animation is somewhat slow. Serge relies on his magical talents after he was injured by Ignacy, functioning as the game's Black Mage.

Stat-wise, Serge has the highest magic stat in the game as well as a high speed stat. His resistance is above average but not as high as Ryfia's and his defense is low as well, effectively making him a glass cannon. His hit points and attack stats are low, so pairing him up with someone like Rastan would be a good idea to compensate for the low damage.

Although Ryfia can also be made into a Black Mage, Serge's ultimate weapon gives him the Secret Arm Force Master Mage+, allowing him to land critical hits with magic 100% of the time. Since he has a higher magic stat, he eventually will deal more magical damage than Ryfia, which happens mid-way into the game.

Serge's Excel Acts focus on elemental damage, and can cover all four of the basic elements. Earthen Crush and Tornado Gear deal a great amount of elemental damage, while Assault Bash is a good for crowd control. Many of his Excel Acts emphasize elemental area-of-effect damage along with having one that heals and buffs the party.

HP AP Strength Magic Speed Defense Resistance
4671 +9/9 205 233 181 121 155


Serge was raised as Leon in Gula Church as an orphan and regarded all his fellow orphans equally as family.

When he turned fourteen, he became known for his swordsmanship and magic, quickly gaining the name 'Lightning Leon'. At some point in time, he met L'Arc's father, Rex, and Zamuel and formed the Lord Knights as a mercenary group that grew to be known as some of the most powerful individuals in Fulheim. Leon and the Lord Knights accepted Zamuel's request to take care of his granddaughter should anything happen to him. At a point years before the story, his sword arm was crippled in a fight against Ignacy. He places full blame on Rastan for this, and has been shown to still be angry with him years later.

Leon was forced to give up being a mercenary as a result of this, and went into hiding under the name of Serge, however he was still watching over Zamuel's granddaughter, like he was requested to. He infiltrated a band of thieves in order to better protect her, and later aids the party in escaping from Paula and Luna. Serge is later taken hostage by the Kopin's for vengeance, however L'Arc and the party aids him.

He stays with the party until the events of Anthrax unfold where he reveals that he is in league with Olquina and is charged with protecting Adele, so by association Serge decides to follow Alf.

He is next seen at the Ebur Ruins where he acts as a guest character in Rastan's party while searching for Maria, one of his childhood friends. After Maria's rescue he tells the party of the Starship hidden in Dragon Tower. He is then kept on watch by Alf's group due to him being so friendly towards L'Arc's group and is even interrogated by Leslie.

Serge is encountered again at Gula Church where he coaxes Rastan into trying to open a sealed door and aids the party as a guest throughout the course of the area. After these events unfold he joins up with L'Arc's party officialy and his true identity is revealed to be "Lightning Leon" former leader of the Lord Knights. After giving Maria Selena's Gem and exposing Rastan's secret to L'Arc, Serge learns to truly make amends with the past and forgive Rastan for his betrayal. Despite not receiving any more character development, for the rest of the game, he and Rastan give L'Arc advice on being a mercenary; the three bond as a result.

From this point on in the game Serge follows the party with no real significant story development in regards to his character other than L'Arc and him working out there issues with Rastan and later. He is also the last party member to be found in the Holy Land of Noire when the player must gather the party after being separated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In his youth, Serge was an unrivaled swordsman and arguably one of the strongest people in Fulheim. After his crippling that rendered him never being able to wield a sword again, he took up magic as a substitute. Serge is incredibly skilled with magic, giving Paula and Luna pause when he attacked them. Notably, he retained his immense speed and dexterity, throwing knives faster then most can see, stopping even Weiss. Despite having his strength reduced, he was powerful enough to keep Ignacy at bay in Benetnasch along with Rastan.


  • As pointed out above he gives some characters nicknames, they are: Minimal Lady for Cecille due to her small size, Violent Femme for Leslie due to her time as his interrogator and smart beauty Carlisle for Dr. Carlisle before he met her due to his hopes of meeting a beautiful and intelligent woman.
  • Notably his personality bears a resemblance to Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia albeit a somewhat toned down version.
  • Carnwennan is the name of King Arthur's dagger. It was attributed to having the ability to hide him in a cover of darkness. This bears similarities to Leon hiding after his crippling.
  • Despite not being an actual bandit, Serge has the Steal Arm Force and acts as a thief in battle.
  • Although Serge gets along with the entire party, he usually speaks to the more older members of the group like Leslie and Rastan.
  • Serge is left-handed
  • Serge's past is similar to that of Raven from Tales of Vesperia.
    • Both go by another name during the course of the game, with Serge's original name being Leon.
    • They have similar pasts in the army as well as in fighting.
    • Serge and Raven have a strong desire for women, often hitting on the female party members.

Excel ActsEdit

"I got more for ya!"

-Serge, upon learning a new Excel Act

Excel Act Level SP AP Element Effect
Flaming Throw -- 25% 3 Fire Single target damage, adds Water Res- debuff.
Feel the Love -- 30% 3 --- Single ally only, cures status effect.
Assault Bash 17 40% 5 Untyped Area of effect untyped damage.
Aqua Blade 34 50% 4 Water Single target, adds Fire Res- debuff.
Earthen Crush 42 75% 7 Earth Area of effect damage, adds Wind Res- debuff.
Brave Halo 50 60% 5 --- Area of effect +ATK & +MAG buff.
Tornado Gear 57 100% 9 Wind Area of effect Wind damage, adds Earth Res- debuff.

Outfits Edit