Dragon Prison, Jada

"Witness the Logos of Deliverance... Be freed, from your shackles!"
Simmah is the Rogress imbued with the Logos of Deliverance. He is also one of the Noire Twelve and Ryfia's father, Hardel.

Originally found in Dragon Prison, Simmah was captured by the Meridian Empire to supply the empire with Ray due to the Olquinians blocking the Ray Stream off for themselves. L'Arc made a pact with Simmah when Jada was attacked by the Deathchanter, not knowing yet what his role of "Child of Eesa" would mean.

He is L'Arc's primary and most trusted Rogress.

Near the end of the game, he tells L'Arc to take care of his daughter, which could mean that he is aware of L'Arc's feelings for Ryfia, and he approves of L'Arc and Ryfia's relationship.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Simmah is a dragon-like creature with two jagged cystaline wings, two feathered tails and a massive horn on his forehead. He was originally once human but turned into a Rogress over 1000 years thanks to Allul.

Summon EffectEdit

"Light of Deliverance, shine upon me! Simmah!"
When summoned, Simmah creates a sphere of energy between his hands and fires a beam of light at all enemies. 

Syncing with Simmah gives L'Arc balanced stats and added Fire and Wind resistance.
Rogress Simmah Shining Deliverance--article image

Simmah performing his Rogress Summon, "Shining Deliverance"