Title Location
Felbursts Retea Forest - Winding Path
Dragonslaying Retea Forest - Stepping Stones
Coders World Map (after leaving Retea Forest)
About Ryfia World Map (after leaving Retea Forest)
A World Unknown Topazion
About Alf World Map (after leaving Topazion)
Honest Comment World Map (after leaving Topazion)
First Encounter World Map (after leaving Topazion)
Friendship World Map (after leaving Topazion)
General Clyde Jada
Recent Events World Map
Dragon Gem World Map
Double Fluster World Map
Traveling Merc Jada (after cutscene w/ Rastan)
The Deathchanter Dragon Prison
Dragon Prison Dragon Prison
Ray Shortage After Dragon Prison
Sergeant? After speaking with Clyde after Dragon Prison
Enter the Sidekick After Dragon Prison
The Percival As you near Royal City
Where is Niko? Diamant Royal City
The Royal City After entering Royal City
General Freya Diamant Royal City
Weiss and L'Arc After meeting with Weiss
Weiss and Alf After meeting with Weiss
The Lord Knights After speaking with Elena
Pretty Little Warrior] After Cecille joins you
Legendary Blade After Cecille joins you
The Crimson Mist After Cecille joins you
Dangerous Arrival After running ashore
Grumble, Grumble After running ashore
Childhood Friends After running ashore
Holy? Sacred? After running ashore
Instructor of Magic After running ashore
Left Out in the Heat Must have swimsuit outfits; after running ashore
Made-to-Order After getting matching dress; inside the ship
Knight and Nurse Inside ship, after obtaining Mystery Armor and Mystery Nurse outfits
Adele's Endeavors World Map, after leaving ship
Kopin Village Kopin Village
Living with Nature Kopin Village
My Grampa World Map, after leaving Kopin Village
Adele Uncertain World Map, after leaving Kopin Village
Alf's Memories World Map, after leaving Kopin Village
Admiration Return to ship after getting School Leader and Class Leader outfits
Eavesdropping Antrax
The City of Gospel Antrax
Antrax Inn (Stay as soon as you arrive)
Assasination Antrax
Personal Touch Antrax, buy everyone's Pilgrim's outfits from the tailor
Unrest Antrax, Mil. Facilities
Hard-to-Find Olquina Shrine
Surprise and Rest Antrax
When We First Met Antrax
What I Cannot Offer Antrax
Serge Pokes Fun Antrax
Shady Serge Olquina Shrine
Alf's Resolution Olquina sub-shrine
Underground River Olquina sub-shrine
Prince's Decision Olquina Sub-Shrine
My Dear Grampa Olquina Sub-Shrine
A Puzzled Ryfia Olquina Sub-Shrine
Adele's Sorrow Olquina Sub-Shrine
When We're Home Olquina Sub-Shrine
Emperor's Illness Antrax
Rafil Antrax
Guessing Game Oceansong Road
Wet Road Oceansong Road
Where is Adele? Oceansong Road
Mature Duo Olquina Shrine
Just Three of Us Antrax
Seeking an Answer Olquina Shrine
Homecoming Diamant Royal City
Good Old Zamuel Diamant Royal City
Turemilia Carbunculus City
Every Single Time Carbunculus City, Opera Blvd
Republic Leader Carbunculus City, Recreational Zone
The Republic Carbunculus City, Artist Zone
City of the Republic Carbunculus City, City Port
Kopin and Resolve Carbunculus City, Industrial Area
Duty and Reality Carbunculus City
Cecille--Departure Senate
Carbunculus City Inn
Official Fugitives World Map, after leaving Carbunculus
Attractive Leader World Map, after leaving Carbunculus
To the Holy City World Map, after leaving Carbunculus
Kopin in Art Half Moon Inn (must have Artist outfit)
Grumpy Menargie Beach west of Benetnasch (must have all animal outfits)
Rastan Oigen Benetnasch
Crystal Fangs Gauss Tunnel
Cecille Acts Strong Gauss Tunnel
Many Mysteries Gauss Tunnel
Lonely Streets Batrachites
Atrocities Batrachites
In Search of Rogress World Map, after leaving Batrachites
Speculation World Map, after leaving Batrachites
Where to Next? World Map, after leaving Batrachites
A Quiet Village Ebur
Girl and Shephard Ebur, Manufactory (must have bought Boy and Girl on the Hill outfits)
Ryfia Worries World Map, after leaving Ebur
Niko Repentent World Map, after leaving Ebur
Golden Labrynth Ebur Ruins
Easily Flirted With Ebur Ruins
Clyde's Quandry Ebur Ruins
Oil and Water Ebur Ruins
Dynos' Alliegences Ebur Ruins
Cecille -- Satisfaction Ebur Ruins, after defeating Gula and reuniting w/ party
Kopin and Atoning Ebur Ruins, after defeating Gula and reuniting w/ party
A Familiar Wind World Map, after completing Ebur Ruins
Serge and Maria World Map, after completing Ebur Ruins
Ryfia's Quandary Ebur
Promise with Adele World Map
Long Road Home World Map, on the bridge
Ancient Battlefield Galois Ravine
Young Heirarch World Map, after leaving Galois Ravine
Been a While Topazion
Prayer World Map Beach Area, after battle for Rufunga
Black Rain World Map, after battle for Rufunga
Serge's Fate Topazion
Niko the Scout World Map
Misunderstandings Dragon Prison (2nd visit)
Weiss' Secret Inside Lightship
Enthusiastic Cecille World Map, after crashing lightship
A Chatty Maria Ebur
Historical Peers Old Lightship
Two of a Kind Old Lightship
Left-handed Boy Gula Church Ruins, Floral Chapel
Dragon Descent Gula Church Ruins
Past and Future Gula Church Ruins
The Lost Ebur
Ship to the Stars World Map, after getting lightship flying again
Making of a Legend World Map
Cecille - Victory World Map
Carbunculus (still at the inn again, will get another pajama outfit)
Bustling Streets Carbunculus, Opera Blvd (must have req outfits)
Cecille the Detective Diamant City, Upper Zone (must have req outfits)
Legend vs. Reality Benesnatch City, Cathedral Road (must have preacher outfits)
Knack for Fasion Opalus, Local School (must have bought outfits)
Secret Ambitions Opalus, Local School (must have bought outfits)
A Brief Respite Beach SW of Ferris (must have swimsuit outfits)
Custom-made Kopin Village (must have Mystery outfits and Kopin Outfit)
Snowy Ambition South of Waxing Moon Inn, on the hill
Ups and Downs Zeifellt Holy Tower
Strange Concepts Opalus (after going after one of the four Rogress)
Lagoon the Cursed Carbunculus, Senate
Father and Son Carbunculus
Hidden Potential While flying
The Ailing City World Map
Snowy Abode Resolvent Iceberg
L'Arc and Rastan Resolvent Iceberg
A Hesitant L'Arc Opalus
Celebration Opalus
A Jealous Ryfia World Map
Charming Leader While flying
Cecille - Nostalgia While flying
Inevitable Fate Ruins of Hilbert
Parting Ways World Map, after leaving Carbunculus
Where is Hosea? Benetnasch City
Hello from Leslie Senate Dungeon
Deterrent Beauty Senate Dungeon
A Vicious Trap Senate
Academic Interest Carbunculus
Mature Trio Carbunculus, Artist's Zone (must have Weekend Wear, The Townsman, and Ebony Dress)
A Lingering Taste Carbunculus
Lovely Trio Carbunculus, Recreation Zone (must have required outfits)
Niko's Letter World Map
Antrax Inn Pajama Party
Rest and Assault Beach by Bandit Ship (must have swimsuit outfits)
Glamorous Antrax, Pier (must have Cecille's Red and White Robe)
Kopin Reflects Beach east of Topazion (must have animal outfits)
Party Buff Hill south of Waxing Moon Inn (must have coat outfits)
Dressing Up Moon Inn (must have Leslie's Rosy Dress)
Ryfia's Painting Moon Inn (must have Ryfia's Artist outfit)
Just a City Boy Diamant, Fountain Square (must have Meridian Boy outfit)
Not Too Honest Diamant, Zamuel Martial Arts School (must have Girl w/ Tiara outfit)
Cecille - Growth Diamant
Zamuel's Will Diamant
Tactical Decisions Diamant
Weiss' Intentions Diamant
Remembrance World Map
Lordly and Knightly Carbunculus
Role and Duty Benetnasch
A Secret Well Kept Benetnasch
So Close, and Yet... Benetnasch
Confrontation Benetnasch
Leslie Worried World Map
To the Percival Flagship Percival
The Flying Palace Flagship Percival
Paranoia Flagship Percival
Weiss' Death Flagship Percival
Stray Sheep World Map
In Retrospect World Map, desert
Renewed Resolve Zeifellt Holy Tower
Kopin and Healing Zeifellt Holy Tower
What Really Counts World Map
A True Miracle World Map
Niko's Gratitude While flying
Niko's Admiration While flying
Beyond Wonderful While flying
Niko the Rebel Ferris
Beyond Time Ferris
Reminisence Hilbert Ruins
Resistance Leader Ferris
Old Friends While flying
Just Be Yourself Carbunculus
The Curse is Lifted Carbunculus (after leaving Senate)
Keep Your Cool Carbunculus (after leaving Senate)
It's Gross Ellgode Volcano
At All Costs Ellgode Volcano
Clyde's Words Ellgode Volcano
Cecille - Pride World Map
Welcome News World Map
Carbunculus, Industrial Zone, Greenhill Estate
Singing Stone World Map, after leaving Soliton Caves
Cadets in the Snow World Map, on elevated hill south of Waxing Moon Inn (must have winter outfits)
Alf's Reign Diamant
Allul's Forecast Diamant
Diamant after Alf Diamant
What to Blame Diamant, after battle in throne room
Niko Kidnapped Diamant
One-sided Victory Diamant
Lascarde Lascarde Skywalk
Dragon Gems & Us Lascarde Skywalk
Deeply Asleep Cradle
Brother's Words Lascarde Skywalk
Sundered Forever World Map
Silence on Board World Map
Many Possibilities While flying over new continent
Fangs in the Sight of the Sea While flying over the new continent
Kopin and Support World Map
Loyal Servant While flying, after first upgrade
Lovable Servant While flying, after second upgrade
Big Birdy! After defeating Mashgar
Cute and Cuddly After defeating Kudoan
Unnatural Nature Verct Skywalk
Niko's Promise Verct Skywalk
Saying Goodbye Verct Skywalk
Heroic Agreement World Map
Cecille -- Dedication World Map, after leaving Diamant
Full Circle Holy Land of Noire
Girls and Gratitude Holy Land of Noire, after reuniting w/ Leslie
Immortality Holy Land of Noire, after reuniting w/ Leslie
The Heroic Way Holy Land of Noire, after reuniting w/ Serge
All That is Lost After defeating Allul
Return of the Hero World Map, post-game