Soliton Caves



Squill is imbued with the Logos of Surging. Squill can be found in the Solition Caves.

In order to gain access to Squill's Logos, you must be able to defeat Squill in a limited amount of rounds. The catch is that Squill heals himself, so you must out-damage his healing attempts. If you succeed in defeating him under those conditions, he deems L'Arc's team the stronger one and rewards you with the logos of surging.

Logos: Surging

Element: Water

Summon Effect: Water damage to all enemies.

Phrase: "Witness the Logos of Surging!"

Physical AppearanceEdit

Squill is a fish-like creature with three mouths, numerous gills and dorsol fins, two gigantic fins and a spiky tailfin.

Summon EffectEdit

When summoned, Squill fires powerful jets of water at all enemies, killing them instantly and inflicting massive damage to bosses. Depending on the player's actions at Soliton Caves will determine who Squill will bond with first.


Squill likes to use magic, so destroying the ray stones before he can use it will trip up the most powerful magical attacks, like you did with Gula. Using the Rogress Urgula, the beast that manipulates fire and lava, will be extemely useful in either starting or ending the battle. Sync Magic like Volcanic beat,Fiery Vortex, or Ignition will turn the tides in this battle too. Using L'Arc's excel act Ignis beat can deal massive damage in the limited amount of turns you have.


Basic Attack: Whips his tail at one player.
Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 10.27.23 PM

Squill performing his Logos Summon, "Surging Reaction"

Excel Acts: Fury Wave: Squill creates an aqua sphere around him, healing himself for almost 2000 health.

Excel Act: Aqua Ordeal: Squill blast water from his mouth hitting all enimies in the area once.

Logos: Surging Reaction: Hits all players on the field with high pressure water attacks.

Element: Water

Hits: 3 times


  • Squill is the only Rogress to not have a flashy phrase after his logos phrase.
  • Squill's healing Excel act heals him depending on if you hunt him first or last and what level you are currently on.
  • Many people have thought of Rufunga as the Water Elemental Rogress but it was really Squill. This confusion was made because Rufunga was 1. One of the first Rogress in the Rogress hunt 2. She has a body composed of water and 3. Her logos heals, much like water spells and moves and has an Aqua symbol underneath the party while healing.