Ellgode Volcano



Urgula is imbued with the Logos of Valor. This rogress can be found at Ellgode Volcano.

His description in the menus states that, once having become a Rogress, Urgula fled society, taking shelter at Ellgode Volcano. I

To obtain Urgula's Logos, you must be able to make your way across three brigdes (which are on the brink of collapsing) if you walk too fast and fall more than twice, Alf automatically gets Urgula. If you get there before Alf, you must defeat Urgula in battle to obtain his Logos, if you lose, Alf gets him, no game over.

Logos: Valor

Element: Fire

Sync Effect: Ups Fire resistance, lowers Water resistance.

Summon Effect: Fire damage to all enemies.

Summon Phrase: "Faithful Valor: burn and destroy, Urgula!"

Phrase: "Witness the Logos of Valor! Perish in my crimson inferno!"

Physical AppearanceEdit


Urgula's Physical Appearance

Urgula resembles an enlongated dragon with only two arms, a red flame pattern down his body and seen holding a crystal ball.

Urgula's design seems to be based on ancient Chinese dragons, which were also depicted holding spheres. Curiously enough, however, Chinese dragons are usually associated with water, not fire. During his summons, Urgula coils around the sphere, which shines then disappears as the summon animation goes on.

Summon EffectEdit

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Urgula performing his Rogress Summon, "Valorous Destiny"

When summoned, Urgula will unleash a rain of lava down at all enemies, killing them instantly and inflicting massive damage to bosses. Depending on the player's actions at Ellgode Volcano will determine who Urgula will bond with first.


Element: Water

Using water magic like liquid howl with Ryfia and Cecille (so it can become Tidal Wave) can deal massive damage to Urgula. Obtaining Squill can be very useful before getting this Rogress (though care must be taken since Squill's sync effect lowers fire resistance). Banchu can also be helpful since Urgula likes to use physical damage like his basic attack or excel acts. Banchu's no physical effect can make his most powerful attacks useless against you. Using the trinity act mystic fortune can be very effective along with Ryfia's excel act Aqua Spiral.


Basic attack: Spits a fireball. Has a chance be a deadly strike.

Excel Acts: Assault: Urgula moves underground quickly, rising up from the floor below one character. Can poison the "assaulted" player.

Valiant Wave: Cast a Reflect Damage effect on Urgula.

Lava Hammer: Deals Fire damage to everyone on the field.

Logos: Valorous Destiny: Urgula rains meteors down on the whole field, causing massive damage.

Element: Fire

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  • Urgula has the same voice as Prince Weiss. The only difference is that Urgula's voice has an echoing effect.