Verct Skywalk is one of the two Skywalks built by the Divine Race during the Era of Loss. Just like Lascarde Skywalk houses the god Imaginal, Verct Skywalk is the home of the god Real. According to history, the Divine Race were put to sleep under Eesa's Lullaby spell in both Skywalks.

Sometime before the events of Arc Rise Fantasia, one of the previous kings of Meridia made Verct Skywalk fall from the sky in an attempt to destroy Eesa, which he claimed was not a true god. As it fell, Verct Skywalk broke in two pieces, one of which fell near Olquina (becoming Olquina Sub-Shrine) and the other fell in the ocean and sank, becoming a reef in the sea between Olquina and Meridia.

During a certain point in the story, Alf rises the part of Verct Skywalk which rested in the ocean, which then sits atop an entire continent made of crystallized Hozone. Upon returning from the Skywalk, one of the Children of Eesa is in posession of (at least) nine of the twelve Rogress. This causes Eesa to be summoned, and the Holy Land of Noire appears northeast of this continent, bound to the planet by glowing magical rune chains.

It can be seen that both Skywalks were similar in appearance and structure, just like the ruins of Olquina sub-shrine resemble Lascarde Skywalk. Unlike Lascarde Skywalk (which is designed as some sort of space station), however, the appearance of the part of Verct Skywalk which fell into the ocean became that of a gigantic coral reef. This change in its looks was caused by its being for nearly a thousand years underwater, where it was taken by sea life. The dungeon is divided in three sections, the first being Patina Way and the second named Halls of Coral. The third section (Hall of the Law) is the only preserved place in the entire Skywalk, which comprises the chamber where the god Real can be found. Since the two Skywalks are similar, Verct Skywalk's Hall of the Law strongly resembles the one found at Lascarde Skywalk.

The enemies found in the Skywalk are "unknown" monsters (Verct Sabre, Real Sabre and Vercts), fire elemental dragons (Efreet) bugs (Hime) and plants (Four-Leaf). It is (arguably) one of the most difficult dungeons in the entire game, mainly because it has three final bosses, which must be defeated separately. It is the last time Dynos, Clyde and then Alf are fought against during the story.