All weapons are alike, but they each have different abilities. These abilities can be placed on a weapon by adding a Arm Force. The weapons can be leveled up using WP, which is obtained after each battle. Weapons can be leveled up 3 times, each time unlocking something new on the weapon. Normally the weapon unlocks space for the first level up, the arm force for the second level up, and complete space and ability to unlock the weapons secrets is the final level, three. Weapons secrets can be unlocked if fill the weapon completely with arm forces.

Weapon Types Edit

Greatswords Edit

Main Article: Greatswords

Greatswords are used by L'Arc.

Note: greatswords are not the same as swords.

Staves Edit

Main Article: Staves

Staves are used by Ryfia.

Swords Edit

Main Article: Swords

Swords are used by Alf and Rastan.

Note: swords are not the same as greatswords.

Guns Edit

Main Article: Guns

Guns are used by Niko and Leslie.

All guns (except ultimate) have Gun Mastery native.

Throwing Daggers Edit

Main Article: Daggers

Daggers are used by Serge.

Gloves Edit

Main Article: Gloves

Gloves are used by Cecille.

All gloves (except ultimate) have Combo Mastery native.