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Voice Actor (English)

Greg Irwin

Seiyū (Japanese)

Takehito Koyasu

Placeholder other
Type Human
Location Dragon Prison
Level HP AP
33 23,727 +7/8
8,118 210 13,256
Elemental Affinities
Fire Wind Water Earth
Strong Weak Strong
Drops Elixir Coat of the Heir
Steal Firestorm Shard Rock Shard

Crown Prince Weiss is a major supporting character in the story. He suceeds the Meridian throne after Lord Mahat, his father and the emperor at the start of the story, is poisoned.


Weiss is headstrong, impatient, and cryptic. L’Arc remarks “It’s like you’re [Weiss] trying to make people misunderstand you.”

He is also an extremist. Considering Olquina's absolute destruction the only way to bring about peace, he launches a surprise attack and succeeds in destroying it. He is hated by the Turemilian Republic for his actions. He is ruthless in combat, cutting down several guards so he could kill the Olquinian Diva, and later on his own brother. In the past, he was noted to have a twisted sense of humor and a slight streak of sadism, boasting "Imagine, having her die at dawn like the good little end times Diva she was!" when asked about the previous Olquinian Diva's death.

He has also professed to hate extremeists, saying "Those extremists make me sick!" when discussing Olquina with L'Arc, but he is also one himself, making him somewhat of a hypocrite.

Weiss is also paranoid, immediately declaring L’Arc his enemy after he “chose” Imaginal’s Law, but not for reasons that are immediately apparent. He is also swift to declare war upon both Olquina and the Turemilian Republic, again for reasons that are no immediately apparent but is also shown to look forward to war, indicating he may be bloodthirsty to some degree.

However, he does have a softer, easier side when around his siblings. He is shown to respect L'Arc to a degree as well as Alf. He also clears Dragon Prison of guards so he could "greet" L'Arc and was implied to have gone easy on him in their duel. He addresses Alf solemnly by his full name, something that he has not done for any other character, when Alf intended to kill him, and also gave his permission to accompany L’Arc on his last job, seemingly amused.

Due to Eesa’s Curse, he bears a strong hatred for the gods Imaginal, Real, and Eesa, and devoted much of his life looking for a way to destroy them, and he found a potential way to do that in L’Arc Bright Lagoon.


Weiss looks remarkably like L'Arc, considering that they come from the same mother. He has harsher, stern features. Bearing much more extravagant white clothes with silver trim, he cuts a stark and imposing contrast to Alf, the other prince. He is recognizable by his mantle that covers his left side and hides Eesa’s Curse, a partial transformation. Eesa’s Curse looks very demonic and dragon-like, with a stinger-shaped object jutting out of his shoulder, adorned with a wing and curved pincers, all of which are moving.

He is commented while L’Arc wears his clothes that they have the same eyes, but not quite the same presence by Serge. Cecille comments they have the same evil look, with L’Arc thinking “he and I have more in common than I thought...”


He is L'Arc's half brother by their mother Elena. She was targeted by the queen, Gruene and Alf’s mother, but she came across Witchblade Rex of the Lord Knights, and they fell in love. Elena made Weiss promise not to tell L’Arc his heritage, but Weiss broke the pact between the Meridian family and Eesa in order to bring Elena back to the castle. This causes Lord Mahat to undergo dragonization, passed off as poisoning, and presumably why Elena is ill through the story. Weiss himself is also afflicted by this curse, dubbed Eesa’s Curse.

Weiss initially appears after L’Arc forms a pact with the Rogress Simmah, and presides over his judgement. He refrains from punishing him however, instead contracting L’Arc as a mercenary to infiltrate Antrax, Olquina’s capital, and destroy the Skywalk there. He quickly discerns Ryfia is a North Noireist Diva, and orders her to accompany him as well, in order to disable the Olquina Rogress. He swiftly berates L’Arc’s cluelessness, lamenting his “fate is in the hands of things of which you have no comprehension,” but promises to tell L’Arc everything once he completes the mission for proof of him being the Child of Eesa.

After the Skywalk is disabled, the imperial army attacks Antrax and razes it. Weiss makes his way up with several Meridian soldiers, and attacks the Olquinian Diva. Two zealots try to attack Weiss, but he knocks them away. Dynos also attacks but Weiss knocks him away too. He congratulates L’Arc on restoring the Empire’s Ray supply, but blames Girtab’s release on him. He attempts again to attack the Diva, but is intercepted by Alf, and when he turns his sword on Alf, L’Arc intervenes. He gives L’Arc a hint as to his heritage when L’Arc asks “what good can possibly come of fratricide?” with the response “you shouldn't be raising your sword against me, either!” before knocking him aside. Girtab finally attacks Weiss, but L’Arc summons Simmah to protect him. Weiss is a bystander while Alf abandons the Meridian Empire, and tries a final time to take Adele’s life. He is once again intercepted, this time by Serge, fulfilling an unknown contract.

Weiss awaits L’Arc and his diminished party (having lost Alf, Serge, and Leslie) and sarcastically asks if L’Arc is there to discuss his reward. When he is questioned why he attacked Olquina, Weiss responds they follow Real’s Law, and attempted to make a deal with him; if the Empire destroyed the Turemilian Republic, Olquina would give the Empire steady Ray provisions. He explains Real’s Law is a school of thought that proposes that all living things should die, and asks “Why should our Empire follow a religion that forces the apocalypse on all of us?” He asks Ryfia to tell them the story of Genesis, and when Niko and L’Arc express doubt as to the truthfulness of the story, he calls them naïve if the sole reason it makes it false is that it is just a legend. Weiss later reveals he will be revoking L’Arcs legionnaire contract after he fulfills a final mission; to deliver a letter to the Turemilian Senate’s Head Senator Shelly Greenhill.

It is later announced as the party are preparing for the mission that Weiss’s reward to L’Arc was 100,000 Rico a month in financial aid to him and Elena, presumably the best he could offer without being too suspicious.

When L’Arc and Niko arrive to deliver Weiss’s terms, Shelly throws them in jail and reveals the terms; unconditional surrender to the Empire, and refusal will result in a declaration of war.

When the party needs a Lightship, Weiss intercepts them in Dragon Prison. He accurately guessed their goal was to retrieve it, and seemingly sent L’Arc on a suicide mission as he comments: “I can't believe you're alive! I always knew you were something special! Your luck still astounds me.”

Weiss tells them he was originally there because Alf was spotted east of Topazion, but when he heard L’Arc and his group was sneaking into Jada, he cleared Dragon Prison of guards so he could “greet them.” He comments that his party is not much of a challenge, being only L’Arc, Rastan, and Cecile and Ryfia. However, he takes off his mantle to reveal Eesa’s Curse, a grotesque mutation of his left arm. He scoffs, saying “A puppet of Eesa like yourself wouldn’t understand” before drawing his sword to kill them.

It was implied that Weiss went easy on them during the fight, but he hesitated at the very end. He bitterly remarked “I, too, am nothing but a human being.”

After the events at Gula Church, L’Arc is deeply confused after confronting Leslie and Alf once more, as well as having his beliefs struck by Serge, now revealed to be Leon of the Lord Knights. L’Arc seeks Weiss for an impartial view on the gods. While they are on their way out, they are confronted by Alf’s group asking for them to join them to save all life. L’Arc refuses on the grounds of not knowing enough, and Alf’s group leaves, saying that they will be enemies next they meet. Before they leave the city, the party is joined by Leslie who asks them to go to the Empire on the Senate’s behalf to ask for a peace treaty.

In the interim, Lord Mahat passes away. The Empire citizens believe it to be an assassination on Weiss’s behalf for opposing his war on the Republic.

When the party arrives at the palace, requesting an aurdience with Weiss regarding the treaty, they are thrown in jail as a front on General Freya’s behalf. Shortly after, she breaks them out and urges them to go to Weiss by any means necessary. They do so, and Weiss sarcastically asks them if they’ve come to die.

When asked about the peace treaty, Weiss states he has no intention of siding with Real or Imaginal. He expresses great shock at L’Arc abandoning Imaginal’s Law and Alf choosing Real’s Law, but quickly shoves it aside and asks for the letter. He berates L’Arc once more for being a mindless puppet, but says he’ll get back to them regarding the cease fire and to return to his office tomorrow.

When the party does so, Weiss shows them a stone with a Code emanating from it. He tells them that the stone is the Meridian Bible, but warns them not to touch it unless they want to be cursed. He finally explains the reason behind the curse; the Meridia family is protected by a pact with Eesa. Anyone with Meridian blood is protected from disease and will live until their hearts can no longer beat. 23 years ago, Weiss’s mother was poisoned, and to save her, Weiss broke the seal and tried to form a pact with Eesa. However, it was in this that Weiss and Lord Mahat saw the Meridian Bible was being manipulated.

700 years ago, a pandemic struck and most of the Imperial Family fell ill. The hierarch of Noireism formed a pact to protect those of royal blood. That pact was inscribed in the stone, which later became the Meridian Bible. Weiss comments that if something was overwritten or changed, that moment was when it most likely happened.

That something was the true purpose of the Empire; being formed to kill the god Eesa. The original passage stated that the world had no gods, humans created them. However, now the gods rule over them. The Meridian Empire was formed to free humanity.

Weiss offers a deal; if L’Arc gathers the Rogress and kills Eesa, he will agree to the cease fire. When L’Arc expresses doubt as to if he can, Weiss agrees anyway, and states the signing will be at Batrachites, which would become the new border.

At Batrachities, Leslie and the party is dismissed by the Senate, but L’Arc is urged to stay by Weiss. When a senator says there is no room for a petty mercenary, Weiss gives a warning: “I would advise you not to speak ill of my brother like that.” He explains Elena is Weiss’s birth mother, so L’Arc and he are half brothers. Before they can go any further, the Empire’s army attacks Batrachities.

The Empire’s army are deceased soldiers, and the party believes Dynos was responsible. They are attacked however, and Leslie informs the Director the attackers are not Imperial soldiers, and they swiftly believe Olquina is involved.

The party does discover Adele and Dynos behind the attack, and Weiss is framed as reanimated Republic soldiers were cut down to protect Shelly. When asked if that was true, Weiss remarks “It doesn’t matter what we say now.” Alf finally confronts him about their father’s death, and when Alf promises Weiss punishment, Weiss challenges him to try and kill him, giving Alf’s full name; “Alfonse Zena Meridia… Child of Eesa.” He retreats to the Flagship Percival, with L’Arc following in order to save Weiss and Alf’s relationship.

Inside the flagship, Weiss and Alf’s followers fought each other, damaging the ship and causing it to go out of control. The party heads down through the flagship's interior passages in search of Weiss and Alf. Along the way, they fight many Imperial Soldiers and encounter the corpses of dead soldiers. Rubble is strewn on the floor, and there are many large holes that lead to outside the ship. The party eventually finds an elevator that takes them up to the ship's Bridge. Once they enter, they see several defeated Imperial Soldiers, as well as their weapons, scattered around the room. Alf and Weiss are locked in a sword battle, Weiss revealing his black, demonic arms shown to the party at Dragon Prison. The rest of Alf's party watch the two brothers clash swords. L’Arc accuses Adele of being behind the attack on Batrachites, but Alf refuses and is distracted. Weiss takes the chance to knock Alf down and kill him, but Adele intervenes and is knocked aside. While Weiss is distracted, Alf stabs Weiss through the heart.

Weiss comments Alf’s deceit came from his mother, and he wasn’t expecting him to be so cunning. Scolding himself for being not careful enough, Weiss slumps to the floor. Adele finally admits to being behind the attack, much to Clyde, Alf, and Dynos’s shock. Ryfia immediately goes to confront them, but is urged to let them go by Weiss, saying if they do not leave they will all die.

Weiss, on his deathbed, finally reveals his true motivation; saying the world is nothing but a playground for the gods, he wanted to get rid of North Noireism and Olquinaism for the very reason of the three gods imposing their rules upon humanity. He confirms L’Arc’s question, if they are half brothers, and reveals Lord Mahat killed himself due to the dragonization. Weiss admits it wouldn’t be wrong to say he had a hand in his death.

Weiss says he died the moment he was afflicted with the curse, and devoted his life to eliminate the gods. When L’Arc says he will carry on his work, Weiss refers them to a woman named Carlisle for help. With his final words, “Don’t let me down, my brother” he perishes and Percival crashes shortly after he passes.

His clothes were preserved and given to L'Arc by Weiss' loyal subjects.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Weiss is a natural swordsman. He effortlessly knocks aside Dynos when the latter attempts to attack him. He also manages to overpower L'Arc in a bladelock and duels Alf to a would-be defeat. He is also skilled with knives to a degree, being able to expertly throw a knife so swiftly that L'Arc could not perceive it until the wake of its passing rustled Ryfia's hair.

He also has a fair degree of normal strength, possibly bordering on superhuman due to Eesa's Curse. He overpowers both L'Arc and Alf at seperate times in the story with only one hand, where they used two and noticably trembled from the effort.

In battle, Weiss is a formidable boss with Regen status, but a weakness to Wind. It is easy to overpower him and win, as you should have access to level 3 Wind Magic. However, he has powerful Acts, and "Dragon Charge", a single hit strike where he creates a crest before a foe and slashes diagonally across it can halve a characters HP and inflict status effects on them if they are unprepared. He also has an attack called Lifestealing Arm that, as the name may imply, drains the target's HP and restores Weiss' by a significant part of it, though it's relatively weak.

His Excel Act, Dark Flames, deals Dark damage and has a fairly large area of effect. Blocking is advised.

Battle TipsEdit

Firstly, having one character use Level 2 Dark spell Dispel Magic to get rid of his HP Regen (and perhaps his Capricious-Wing-induced boosts) is useful.

Secondly, the key to the fight is to use Wind Magic; you should be able to get all or 2 of your party members with Level 2 or 3 wind. If you have 1 character use Dispel Magic, then leave the other two with Level 2/3 Wind magic.

Use the 2/3 Wind Magic users to sync together the Level 2/3 offensive Wind spells to regen AP (1 for each party member in the synced chain) and to inflict high damage.

Other tips include stocking up on healing items (you can start using High Liquids because Ferris, via Lightship, will be available soon to buy more from), attacking the Fire/Earth raystones (the former for decreasing damage output the latter for boosting your Wind Magic), spreading out to avoid his area-of-effect attacks, and using Excel Trinities.


L'Arc: Their relationship is extremely complicated. Weiss appears to look down upon him as a puppet of the gods, yet gives him cryptic advice and clues as to what to do. L’Arc has a high degree of respect for Weiss, constantly referring to him as Sir, the only title he ever gives to anyone in authority (Zamuel is referred to as Gramps, and Clyde is referred to as old man Clyde). L’Arc turns to Weiss for advice on what to do after he abandons Imaginal’s Law, and carries on Weiss’s legacy and will to destroy the gods.

Alf: Aloof, yet is noted to care for him as he avoided any serious injury until Alf betrays Meridia. He gave Alf respect in combat by removing his mantle, something he was reluctant to do with L’Arc’s group, and commended Alf as he died. It is to be noted Alf is somewhat horrified over his death, slowly backing away and pausing later on when he mentions he killed his brother.

Ryfia: Slightly wary as a Diva. Tests her resolve by knifepoint and says "You were either to slow to react, or you've really got some guts" with a growing smile. Slowly warms up as the story progresses.

Adele: Hostile. Attempted to take her life several times through the story repeatedly, almost single mindedly ignoring all others to take her life. Weiss's cruel shove against Adele is what caused Alf to stab him fatally through the heart.


  • The game doesn't expressly confirm it, but Weiss heavily implied in his conversation with L'Arc after Alf's betrayal that he was the one who killed Adele's mother ("Do you really think I'd give the pleasure of killing her to someone else?")
  • The first word in the name of Weiss's stat-boosting attack, Capricious Wing, is actually highly descriptive of Weiss's personality; his personality frequently changes to L'Arc throughout the game. At the game's start he hired them as mercenaries, then he attempted to kill them in the prison, and then he reconciled using L'Arc as a diplomat.