The western area of the southeastern continent (as located in Fullheim's map). Its latitude is parallel to that of the desert south of Diamant Area in the Meridian Empire. Despite this, however, the land is covered in a forest-like environment, with hozone crystals scattered around. The relationship between the presence of Hozone, the forest and the crystallization seen in this part of the land is explained later in the game. From this area the party can access the Kopin Village and Nabra Jungle.

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After escaping Mandelro Coast early in the game, L'Arc, Ryfia, Nico and Adele, together with Serge, cross the ocean between the Meridian Empire and the Theocracy of Olquina aboard the latter's ship. After hitting a coral reef, the ship wrecks at a beach in Western Olquina. The party then proceeds to return the Kopin back to their village. Once in Kopin Village, Serge is arrested and later released, and the party goes through Nabra Jungle to reach Olquina's Capital, Anthrax.

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